Spoon Lake Blues dress rehearsal

Tuesdays dress rehearsal went great. I was a little worried about lines and other people’s lines, but even with a few stumbles (and no ability to call lines) it went really well. Something we added to the mix last night was drinks. The drinks are Diet Coke with a Bud Light wrapper. Tell you what. I got a caffeine rush after nearly chugging the first one. Don’t really need to do that. We do open a lot of cans throughout the performance.

Pat Hurley (coach, light and sound, etc.) said it was one of the best performances, best acting he has seen me do at any time. That is great, I am improving my skill. What bothers me somewhat is that with even a small audience, my drive, energy, etc. increases. Not that that is the problem, just that I need to find all that energy during rehearsals and especially auditions. I can feel it, I know I have it, just where is it when I need it.

We rehearsed curtain call. Always an ego type of thing, curtain calls are. I had in mind that Kellee and Kandice would come out together and then Greg and I would come out together. BJ’s first order: Kellee, Kandice, Greg, and then Me. Got a little excited about that. I have had leads and have come out as the last pair, but never been given top billing. (I did say this was an ego thing). So I was excited and like I said, I thought Greg and I would come out together. Final plan: Kellee, Kandice, Greg, and then I walk out. Greg and I are to compete over bowing. Then bow as a group. Then the girls push us off stage. So no single spotlight, but I think this is better. Ego be something-or-other somewhere else.

TIP: Never make a comment about Curtain Call during planning and rehearsal of. And NEVER complain. The smallest things concerning ego can get you disliked. I even had a director once comment the she had never created a curtain call that did not elicit some kind of comment from the actors. I think she hated doing them.

Update: November 9, 2009

Podcast: I was trying to start a podcast in for the Atlanta area acting community – AtlantaActing.net. It is proving very difficult. With a full-time day job, rehearsals for a play and rehearsals for a TV program, it is very difficult to schedule interviews. Any extra time I have, I just want to do nothing.

Spoon Lake Blues: Next Monday through Wednesday, the casts of Election Day and Spoon Lake Blues will meet and perform for the author Josh Tobiessen. This will be great, meeting the author of the play. Monday, the cast of Spoon Lake Blues will perform. Tuesday is a Q&A with Josh and on Wednesday Election Day will perform.

Yesterday at set build, Pat Hurley mentioned the cast of Election Day is far ahead of the cast of Spoon Lake Blues for being off book. And as I thought about it, most of the cast on Election Day do not have day jobs. If I had all freaking day to learn lines…still, nobody else’s problem but mine. I should be off book with confidence by Monday.

Bright Flames TV: Started rehearsal a few Wednesday’s ago on Episode Two. In this episode, I play Ulrich Zwingli. Besides Robert Howell, who is the host and writer, I am the first returning actor to play a different role (Soren Kierkegaard in Episode One).

Editing for Episode One is nearly done. It will need to be entirely reshot but the thought is to try to get funding. Episode Two will go a lot smother then Episode One and will be shot in multiple segments to get all the shots needed for editing. I do hope this goes somewhere: History Channel, PBS, etc.

Disappointment and a New Role

The rehearsals for The Royal Family are not going as planned. We are falling behind. In a long talk with Pat Hurley last night, we exchanged confidences about what is going on. One thing is that the cast is not “off book” and should be. I admit some areas I am not off book and we rehearsed those areas last night. I really hate to disappoint Pat, especially when I don’t have that many lines compared to the rest of the cast. I have no excuse.

On a brighter note, I have landed a couple of roles. First audition on Monday night was at the Art Institute of Atlanta for student projects. I landed a role as the WIDOWER in a Drug Free America PSA. I did audition for another role for another student and I was awful. Interesting how you can be a very good fit for one role and read well for it and then very bad for another.

The second audition on Monday night and the one I am really excited about, if for the role of JUROR EIGHT in 12 Angry Jurors. Pat tells me it is the lead. Very excited about that. Thrilled even.

12 Angry Jurors runs October 8th – October 25th at the New Dawn Theater Company’s Second Stage in Duluth.

Opening This Weekend

Once in a Lifetime finally opens this week (Thursday). This has been a little different from other productions. First it’s a student production. A wide range of experience from none to not very many. I suspect I am one of the few to have over 10 stage productions on their resume.

This will also be a very short run, only 4 shows. I try to avoid doing such short runs. A cast will work for weeks is not for two months or even longer and I want to have a good long run to make up for all the work I put into rehearsal. That’s just me. I enjoy the whole process, but a short run just does not seem worth it.

This is an exception of sorts. It is the Alliance Theatre! Although I cannot put just the Alliance Theatre on my resume, people will see Alliance Theatre Acting Program.

Last night was Tech. A lot of standing around, doing parts of scenes while lighting was done. While 10 of us were on stage at the very end of the show, for lighting, it got very quiet. Just then my bowels made a very loud, very long grumble. It was so embarrassing. Everybody heard it and looked in my direction. What was even funnier was that about 2 minutes later, the girl I was standing with also had a small grumbling in the tummy. Everybody fell out. Alpha Trivette made a comment: “Like the Whale Songs which can be heard 400 miles away…”

Anyway, I ramble.


What I Did: Week Ending 2009-03-29

  • Can’t focus this morning. Sinus headache. #
  • Just added myself to the http://wefollow.com twitter directory under: #actor #
  • Him: Midday tea? Me: Yea. Him: I can always tell, you’re doing the Tea Walk. — I am just trying not to spill the hot water all over my hand #
  • So I have a “Tea Walk”. #
  • My after lunch green tea. Followed by mid and later afternoon white tea. Tomorrow thunderstorms. #
  • @the_brian_jones Good Luck! hope you get the job. in reply to the_brian_jones #
  • off to find some lunch. #
  • @StoutT Shall I nudge you when I get home. in reply to StoutT #
  • Some times I feel like having a Spontaneous Existence Failure. But not right now. #
  • Right now I am finishing up a cup of white tea and a dinner before I head out the the Alliance for class. #
  • When you fart, what stuffed animal do you blame it on? #
  • RT @LPGeorgia: John Monds has officially announced that he is running for Governor as of 4 PM today. <– Don’t know him. Must investigate. #
  • @krisjoseph LOL. So true. Why did I not think of that. in reply to krisjoseph #
  • @alyjack Hate it when that happens. I will get holes in the side of my shoes, usually when they become 3 years old of daily use. in reply to alyjack #
  • Didn’t realize my boss’ boss’ boss’ boss was in the building. No that was not nudity you saw in my browser. It was…um… aw crap #
  • Suppose to go down to little 5 points area to have dinner with the Bright Flames cast and crew this evening. #
  • For St Paddy’s Day, some cities will color their rivers green. Do you think the fish say “OMG. What happened to my eye site?” #
  • @feliciaday #fumusic Queen of the Damned soundtrack in reply to feliciaday #
  • 5 days until the #Atlanta Unifieds. Slot is secure, pictures are in and one more evening with Pat Hurley to work on my monologues. #
  • I would be nice if by some miracle of money and time that I could go to Netherlands for Trance Energy 2009. One day. #
  • Pat Hurley just called. Monologues that Work may not have enough students to make. Its at the Tony Award winning Alliance Theatre in Atlanta #
  • It’s only taught twice a year, so if you are in #Atlanta and want to focus on monologues, take Pat’s class: http://is.gd/phye #
  • Of course if you don #
  • doh #
  • If you don’t want to take Pat’s Monologue class, maybe you just want to follow @alliancetheatre #

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