Audition Notice: The Mousetrap

Button Theatre is holding non-equity auditions for Agatha Christie’s The Mousetrap on Tuesday, April 28 from 7 to 10pm at The Red Clay Theatre in downtown Duluth.

Please prepare a one minute dramatic monologue and be prepared to perform a small section in a Brittish accent.

Call backs will be held on Thrusday, April 30 from 7 to 10pm. You may be asked to do a cold reading at either the audition or the call back.

Reherasals will begin in June. The show will run from July 17 to August 2.

All actors will be paid. To make an appointment, please call 678-407-0772 or email MC at mconti (at) button theatre . com.

For character descriptions, directions and other information please visit us at

Character Descriptions:

* Mollie Ralston – proprietor of Monkswell Manor, and wife of Giles. Although initially above suspicion, it later transpires Mollie made a secret trip to London on the same day Maureen Lyon was murdered.

* Giles Ralston – husband of Mollie who runs Monkswell Manor with his wife. The very first suspect, as Giles enters the stage dressed in clothing similar to that worn by the killer. It transpires Giles also made a secret trip to London on the day Maureen Lyon was murdered. Even Mollie begins to suspect Giles, when she realises she has known him just a year and knows nothing of his background.

* Christopher Wren – the first guest to arrive at the hotel, Wren is a hyperactive young man, who is depicted as acting in a very peculiar manner. He admits he is running away from something, but refuses to admit what. The audience quickly leaps to the conclusion he was one of the abused children, driven schizophrenic by repeated abuse and now a murderer. Wren claims to be named after the architect of the same name.

* Mrs Boyle – a critical older woman who is pleased by nothing she observes. A former magistrate, we discover she had placed the three children in Maureen Lyon’s care. Shortly afterwards she is murdered and therefore the only character above suspicion.

* Major Metcalf – retired from the army, little is known about Major Metcalf. Suspicion falls upon him once it is revealed that the father of the three siblings was in the army at the time their mother died, which led to them being put into care.

* Miss Casewell – a strange, aloof woman who speaks offhandedly about the horrific experiences of her childhood. Refusing to give any more away, the natural conclusion is that she is one of the abused children, here to seek a terrible revenge.

* Mr Paravicini – a man of unknown provenance. He appears to be affecting a foreign accent and artificially aged with make-up. Who he is or where he comes from remains a mystery and his refusal to answer a direct question only underlines this point. The audience is encouraged to theorise he is the children’s father, disguised as an elderly foreigner and returned from the army to wreak a terrible revenge.

* Detective Sergeant Trotter – a policeman who arrives in a snow storm saying he has come to protect the guests from the murderer.

* Maureen Lyon (unseen in the play) – the first victim. Mrs Lyon’s real name is Mrs Stanning and she was imprisoned for abusing three siblings – the Corrigan children – left in her and her husband’s foster care. Mr Stanning died in prison and upon her release, Mrs Stanning, seeking anonymity under the name of Maureen Lyon, moved to London where she was murdered.

A Thank You From Button Theatre

Hey Guys –

I just wanted to take a minute to thank each of you for an absolutely fabulous show. You all put a lot of extra time and effort into this production and it definitely showed. I’d wanted to say this all to you guys in person yesterday, but juggling babysitters prevented me from getting to the theatre early enough.

Actors – I got many many MANY compliments on each of your performances. Each one of you ended up being some audience member’s favorite character and I think that shows what an extremely well rounded and talented cast you were. And your chemistry together onstage made it fun for me to watch the show twelve times. : )

Crew – You guys were outstanding. I could not have asked for a better crew. You guys were always on your tasks and on your game and did so much more than was expected of you.

Thank you all so much for making Button Theatre’s third production (and FIRST straight play) such a stellar production. Those of you that are moving on, GOOD LUCK in your next stage of life. If you ever need a reference, please let me know. Those that are sticking around the A town, please do come back and audition for us in the future!!

Mary Carolyn Conti
Artistic Director * Button Theatre

Barefoot in the Gwinnett Daily Post

As posted in the Gwinnett Daily Post on June 22, 2008:

Casting call
Button Theatre role up for grabs in ‘Barefoot in the Park’

By Jamie Ward

Staff Writer

Lory Cox and Jake Cullens

Special Photo
Lory Cox and Jake Cullens rehearse their roles as Ethel and Paul for the Button Theatre’s upcoming production of Neil Simon’s “Barefoot in the Park.”

DULUTH – For any adult who’s ever dreamed of becoming a professional actor, now’s your chance.

In a unique effort to generate community interest in its upcoming show, Gwinnett County’s professional theatre troupe – Button Theatre – is selling one of the roles in their production of Neil Simon’s comedy classic “Barefoot in the Park.”

“This role is an exciting opportunity for anyone to experience theater from the performer’s point of view,” said Director Celia Rosenblum. “Our hope is that the community will become involved in the production, and that involvement will help us give back to Gwinnett County.”

The walk-on role for sale is that of an elderly delivery person who trudges up five flights of stairs in a New York apartment building. Out of breath and exhausted, the role will allow the actor to deliver the package and receive a signature while failing to utter a word. Considering Neil Simon’s many humorous works, the role will offer the actor the chance to receive a few laughs from the audience while demonstrating their acting chops and comedic abilities at the same time.

“It’s a great way to get audience participation in a show and it’s a novel idea,” said Jake Cullens, an actor and also the drama teacher at Peachtree Ridge High School in Suwanee. “It should generate a good buzz.”

According to Mary Conti, a founding member of the group and its artistic director, the role has already been sold for several performances. She also said selling the role seemed appropriate considering professional actors are paid for their services and the Button group is a nonprofit.

“It wasn’t fair to an actor to just sit there the rest of the night anyway,” she said.

“Barefoot in the Park” will run at 8 p.m. July 5 through 27, Thursdays through Saturdays and at 2 p.m. Sundays at the Hudgens Center for the Arts. Any individual or business interested in purchasing the role should contact Button Theater at 770-831-0591 or by sending an e-mail to

Button Theatre hold 2008 Season Auditions

Button Theatre will be holding auditions for their 2008 Season January 17 – January 20, 2008.

The 2008 Season includes “You’re A Good Man, Charlie Brown” (Casting Actors who are/look 18 and up) (March 6 – March 30), “Barefoot in the Park” (July 3 – July 27), and “Company” (October 2-October 26).

Thursday, January 17 – 7PM – 10PM For non-singers who are interested in “Barefoot in the Park” – there will be no accompanist this evening. Please prepare one monologue and be prepared to read from the script.

Friday, January 18 – 7PM – 10PM Please prepare 2 contrasting songs and one monologue, an accompanist will be provided. NO CD OR TAPE accompaniment will be allowed.

Saturday, January 19 – 10AM – 4PM Please prepare 2 contrasting songs and one monologue, an accompanist will be provided. NO CD OR TAPE accompaniment will be allowed.

***Callbacks will be held January, 19; 6PM – 8PM and January 20; 2PM – 6PM***

Auditions and performances will be held at the Jacqueline Casey Hudgens Center for the Arts located at 6400 Sugarloaf Parkway Building 300, Duluth GA 30096.

Rehearsals will be at Pleasant Hill Presbyterian Church, 3700 Pleasant Hill Road; Duluth, GA 30096.

All Auditions are by appointment only. All actors will be paid. For questions or to set up an appointment time, please email Mary Carolyn Conti or call 770-831-0591.