What I Did On 2008-12-16

  • Just got a call from my audition for Out Town at Lionheart Theatre. Did not get the role I wanted, but the director called anyway. very nice #
  • OUR TOWN, not Out Town. Out Town is that _other_ play. #
  • Planning ahead, I want to audition for Sabrina Fair at Kudzu (Jan 6,7) and Driving Miss Daisy at Act1 (Jan6,8). Wit at Onstage Atlanta (???) #
  • I think I can get back into Pat Hurley’s Advanced Scene at the Alliance in January as well. Will be working monologues with him in any case. #
  • But if I win the lottery, travel will be first order of business. Somewhere with a hammock and an ocean breeze. #
  • Yes, Alaska does have an ocean breeze, but I am thinking somewhere more tropical. #
  • DO’H! Arena Football League suspends the 2009 season. Double DO’H. At least we get our money back for season tickets. #AFL http://is.gd/c0TR. #
  • So ready to leave work. 23 more minutes to go, then off to a @gwtgladiators game tonight. #

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Did not win a MAT award

The Metropolitan Atlanta Theater Awards ceremony last night was a lot of fun, despite not winning. Got to see a lot of people I had been in other plays with. Still, I am very please to have been nominated. There were, I think, 27 productions reviewed and over 500 people involved with those productions.

Of the two plays that I was in that were judged, Breaking Legs and A Christmas Story, there we 10 nominations and the winners were:

Wally Hinds – Best Set Design for a Play – Breaking Legs

Murray Mann – Best Sound Design for a Play – A Christmas Story

Martha Kennedy – Best Minor Supporting Actress in a Play – Miss Shields – A Christmas Story

People I have been with in other plays who won:

Barbara McFann – Major Supporting Actress in a Play – Mrs. Baker – Come Blow Your Horn at ACT1 Theater.

David Shelton with Rob Roy Hardie and Kelly Lane – Best Sound Design for a Musical – Little Shop of Horrors at Kudzu Playhouse.

Nominated for a MAT Award

The 2008 Metropolitan Atlanta Theater Awards nominations were announced yesterday. The two plays that I was in and reviewed were Breaking Legs and A Christmas Story.

Breaking Legs at Kudzu Playhouse
Best Major Supporting Actor in a Play – Chris Arapoglou –  “Mike Francisco”
Best Minor Supporting Actor in a Play – Jay Croft –  “Frankie Salvucci”
Best Set Design in a Play – Wally Hinds

A Christmas Story at ACT1 Theater
Best Minor Supporting Actress in a Play – Martha Kennedy –  “Miss Shields”
Youth Award in a Play – Bobby Cookson –  “Ralphie Parker”
Youth Award in a Play – Andrew Hudson –  “Randy Parker”
Best Costume Design in a Play – Anne Voller
Best Set Design in a Play – Rich Vandever & Gayley Crockett
Best Lighting Design in a Play – Murray Mann
Best Sound Design in a Play – Murray Mann

Invited to Audition

David Shelton, who is firmly integrated into the Kudzu Playhouse family, has invited me to audition for a play he is directing for the Family Theatre. Says he likes my work. Cool! I like hearing that.

I am not sure when the audition is but here are the play details.

Play: Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing
Written by Judy Blume. Adapted by Bruce Mason

Dates: August 30, 2008 – September 28, 2008
Saturdays & Sundays at 2:00pm
Special Saturday Evening Performances: September 20 & 27 at 7:30 pm

Description: Peter Hatcher has some problems at home. But it isn’t his mother, who’s always studying art history. And it isn’t his father, who watches TV just for the commercials. No, Peter’s biggest problem is Fudge, his disgustingly adorable baby brother. Fudge is always in Peter’s way and messing up everything he sees, whether he’s scribbling all over Peter’s school project, trying to fly off the jungle gym, or stealing the limelight in the Toddle Bike commercial. And when Peter’s pet turtle Dribble turns up gone…. all gone… everybody’s only worried about Fudge, who ate him, instead of Dribble, who got eaten! Based on the acclaimed novel by Judy Blume, Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing reminds us that sibling rivalry isn’t always sweet… especially when your brother is Fudge!