Beau Jest: Almost a Sellout

On Saturday March 5, 2005, we had a near sellout. Kudzu Playhouse has 120 and there were less than 10 seats empty. The audience was the best so far. It is amazing the energy that cast will receive from a great audience. And we did. This was by far our best performance.

Mary (MIRIAM) had here own fan club. Just like a TV sitcom, where a guest actor will receive applause when they first appear on stage, so happened Saturday when Mary entered.

We are half way through with our run. Only 3 more weekends (9 shows).

Play Details and Photos

Audition Notice: Beau Jest

Kudzu Playhouse will hold auditions for Beau Jest on January 4 from 7-9 and Wednesday January 5 from 7-9. Seeking 2 women ages 25-60 (Sarah Goldman and Miriam her mother) and 4 men ages 25-60 (Chris, her boyfriend, Bob her escort, Joel her brother and Abe her father). Will do cold readings from script. Non-Equity. Stipend paid. Performances will be February 18-March 26. Auditions will be at 608 Holcomb Bridge Rd, Roswell. Call 770-594-1020 or email

First Audition

Auditions were held last night for H.G. Wells’ The Invisible Man at the Kudzu Playhouse in Roswell. This version of the play by Larry Larson and Eddie Levi Lee, takes place not in England, but in Charleston, South Carolina. Matt and Jeff from class auditioned as well.

If possible we were to use a Charleston gentile southern accent. It’s just doing it during a reading. We were also to show interaction with an invisible figure. I did not put a lot of effort into that. I was reading the part of Marvel interacting with Griffen (the Invisible Man). We had about 45 minutes to read over the lines and prepare. With that much time, is it still a cold reading? I don’t think I did that well, but it was not exactly what I was expecting or, the more I thought about it, not exactly what I wanted to do (a stage production of The Invisible Man).

I arrived early and as I was waiting in the lobby, I could hear people rehearsing a play on the stage. I could not see the stage, all I could do was listen. My thoughts were, while I was listening, was “That is awful”. It was terrible. Did I want to audition for a playhouse where the current production was that bad? It was not until later when they finished up rehearsal and left, that I noticed it was all kids. So you see the beginnings of my mindset as I went into the auditions.

First, this was my first audition. Second, I thought the rehearsal I could hear was awful from what I could hear. And, third, as I was waiting to read with my partner, I was watching some of the others read their lines and some of them were overacting very noticeably. Even my partner said “overact and let the director tone you down”.

So with all that, I was not in the right mindset to read lines to the director. I know I did bad and I know I will not land a part. But it was my first audition and really did not know what to expect anyway.

All good things…

The final night of my 2nd class. As ever I enjoyed it and suspect I will go into withdrawals. Next class is in September. That is an awful long time away.

Chris encouraged me to look into commercials because I look like “every man”. I suppose I am rather generic. She did encourage everyone to start auditioning and often. Well good luck everyone. See you next time. I am going to audition for The Invisible Man at Kudzu Playhouse in August.