Audition Notice: Essential Theatre General Auditions

The Essential Theatre will hold non-union General Auditions for the 2012 Essential Theatre Play Festival on Saturday, March 10, from Noon till 5:30 p.m. Auditions will be held on the top floor of the building that Horizon Theatre is located in (1083 Austin Avenue N.E., Atlanta, GA 30307.) WE WILL NOT BE IN HORIZON THEATRE, simply in the same building they are in, in a room directly across from Horizon’s office, which you’ll find as soon as you get to the top of the stairs. Prepare two contrasting contemporary monologues (whichever contrast you prefer) not running more than 4 minutes in total length. To make an appointment, e-mail or call 404-212-0815 (we prefer e-mails). Our mailing address is Essential Theatre, 1414 Foxhall Lane #10, Atlanta, GA 30316. Our website is

The 2012 Festival will run from July 6 – August 5 at Actor’s Express, three World Premiere shows running in rotating repertory (with separate casts). All roles will be paid with a stipend. The three shows are EVELYN IN PURGATORY by Topher Payne, BAT-HAMLET by Jordan Pulliam, and THE LOCAL, a collaborative theatre project being developed by Ellen McQueen. Scripts for EVELYN and BAT-HAMLET can be viewed at We will be looking for actors and actresses in a wide range of ages.

2010 Essential Theatre Play Festival Auditions

The Essential Theatre will hold General Auditions for the 2010 Essential Theatre Play Festival, three full-length plays to run in repertory (with separate casts) from July 8 – August 8, performing in the Actor’s Express space. (Performance schedules for the individual plays to be announced.)

Non-union, most performers will be paid a stipend. General Auditions will be held on February 20 and 21 (location and time to be determined).

Call 404-212-0815 or e-mail pmhardy @ to schedule an audition appointment.

Website For audition, bring headshot and prepare two contrasting monologues (comic, dramatic, contemporary, classical – whatever) not totaling more than 4 minutes in length. If you sing, bring in about 30 seconds of something to sing without accompaniment.

The plays: THE DARKER FACE OF THE EARTH by Rita Dove, directed by Betty Hart. The classical story of Oedipus, from Greek Tragedy, re-imagined on a slave plantation in the American south. Large cast. Many African-American performers needed, both male and female, with possible ages ranging from 12 to 72. One Caucasian female, age around 40, and two Caucasian males, age range 30-50.

SALLY AND GLEN AT THE PALACE by Peter Hardy, directed by Ellen McQueen. Bittersweet comic drama about the friendship between two colleges students working in the lobby of a 1973 movie theatre. One male, one female, both early twenties.

QUALITIES OF STARLIGHT by Gabriel Dean, directed by Peter Hardy. Twisted and poetic family comedy set in rural Georgia, about a young man who discovers that his parents have become addicted to crystal meth. One male in the 50-60 range, one male around 30, one male in the 20-30 range, one male in the 30-50 age range. One female in the 50-60 range, one female around 30.