Auditioned for Barefoot in the Park at Button Theatre

I auditioned for Barefoot in the Park at Button Theatre last night. The audition consisted of a monologue and a cold reading from the script. I have never seen the movie or the play so no nothing other than Robert Redford was in the movie. I have made it a point not to watch movies or broad casted plays for something I might want to act in. I do not want to be influenced by the acting done in these plays. I truly want to develop my own character.

The monologue I did was Inferno from the BBC TV show Coupling. After doing the monologue my way, the director had me do it again as if angry to see who I could think on my feet. This was also part of the Meister technique. Learn the lines with no thought as to anger, comedy, presentation, etc. This way when you are asked to perform a different way you are not hindered by the lines but only by the direction of the direction given.

There are 5 characters in this play. The main couple is in there 20’s. With my beard I look 10 years older. I believe my acting range (without makeup) is mid 20’s to late 30’s. With my beard I am at the upper end of that, if not higher. I said I would do any of the 3 male roles. The director had me read for the eccentric upstairs neighbor. I think my beard needs to go for auditions.

Also the artistic director had a hard time matching me to my headshot. It is 3 years old. I do need a new headshot.

Callbacks are on Saturday. We will see if I get a callback.


Tammy’s birthday and I’m trying to get out of a job I do not enjoy. There is a part of True West where the character I play (Lee) is supposed to be frustrated. Well I can relate now. It’s been a week at this new job and I am trying to get out. Had an interview this morning and was in hopes that I could give notice today. I did not hear a thing. I left messages with the contracting firm and heard nothing. So I wait.

The part of Lee, the dialogue is near the beginning of Scene IV. He wants to get this thing done so he can get out and go! I so understand. We are studying Meisner and we are not supposed to pull from our experiences. I suppose the point is to remain in control despite outward appearance/emotions. (Not really the point, but I know better now.) And of course I have not memorized my lines yet. No excuse really, I just haven?t

Chris, last week mentioned having 4 or 5 monologues memorized/ready, so I suppose I need to choose a few. There is one I like from the original BBC version of Coupling. Steve rants over pornography.


Title: Inferno
Show: BBC TV series “Coupling”
Author: Steven Moffat

Description: At a dinner party, Steve (Jack Davenport) is confronted by his girlfriend about a porn tape she found in his apartment, “Lesbian Spank Inferno.” He is forced to describe the plot of this ‘erotic film’ as he calls it, much to the confusing and amusement of the women present. He describes the ‘plot’ as the story of a ‘lesbian film collective’ that hold a contest to see which film-maker had made the best film. Eventually, the whole thing becomes a ‘spank inferno.’ But that’s not the point.

Dinner Guest: How could you possibly enjoy a film like that?

Steve: Oh, because it’s got naked women in it! Look, I like naked women! I’m a bloke, we’re supposed to like naked women, we’re born like that! We like naked women as soon as we’re pulled out of one; halfway down the birth canal we’re already enjoying the view! Look, it is the four pillars of the male heterosexual psyche. We like: Naked Women, Stockings, Lesbians, and Sean Connery best as James Bond, because that’s what being a boy is. And if you don’t like, darling, join a film collective. Look, I want to spend the rest of my life with the woman at the end of that table there, but that does not stop me wanting to see several thousand more naked bottoms before I die, because that’s what being a bloke is. When man invented fire, he didn’t say “Hey, let’s cook!” He said “Great! Now we can see naked bottoms in the dark!” As soon as Caxton had invented the printing press, we?re using it to make pictures of, hey! Naked bottoms! We have turned the internet into an enormous international database of naked bottoms. So you see, the story of male achievement through the ages, feeble though it may have been, has been a story of our struggle to get a better look at your bottoms. Thank you, girls, I’m not sure how insulted you really ought to be.