Callback and a Play

I received a call from Candy Spahr on my way home from work on Friday. She offered me a callback for Anne of Avonlea. The callbacks have been moved to Monday at 5 PM. This was interesting because as far as I knew, there were more auditions to be held on Saturday. But as I stated before, I was the only adult male to audition on Thursday night.

On Saturday, I received a call from the Artistic Director, IJ Rosenblum, at Button Theatre offering me a role in Barefoot in the Park. The Auditions were last weekend and I has assumed I did not get a role. The part I auditioned for and which I knew I did not get was for the older eccentric neighbor. The part I was offered, and accepted, was for the TELEPHONE REPAIRMAN. It is a paid role and my first role at a Professional Non-Equity theatre. All I have done before now have been in Community Theatres.

Callbacks for Barefoot in the Park

To my surprise, I received a callback for Barefoot in the Park at Button Theatre. If you read the previous post you will remember that I discussed not having a beard during auditions. So I did something stupid for the callback… I shaved.

My thought was that if I shaved, I would appear younger, and the director would read me for the younger role. Had I spent just a few seconds and thought, I would have realized that I was being called back for the part I read for, which was the older male role.

Now I have cut myself out of a role because I did not look the part. I knew this and was just being stupid.

In discussing this with my friend Mark Gray, who acts in Atlanta, you should even where the same cloths you work for the initial audition.

Of course if I had just did a little research before the audition I would have know the age range of the character that I wanted.

I am still going to shave before auditions.