What I Did: Week Ending 2009-05-17

  • Saw “1:23” at Synchronicity this past weekend. It is only 60 Min long with no intermission. It was very good. It is worth a watch. #
  • Busy week. Monologue class tonight. Rehearsal for Once in a Lifetime: Tue, Thur, Fri. Audition for Summer Reps 3 & 4 on Saturday night. #
  • Finished Monologues That Work class at the Alliance last night. There was a mock interview/audition that I blew one of the two monologues. #
  • Tonight we start blocking Once in a Lifetime. Mostly Act 1 and I am not in until Act 2. So I will be there learning lines while I sit around #
  • I scared a follower away. I always try to find out who the person is if there is no bio or website. Found person on Facebook, so… #
  • So seeing that the person was legit, I sent a friend request on Facebook. Now they no longer follow me on Twitter. #
  • Itchy eyes this morning. Grass pollen I suppose. Taking a Benadryl. #
  • .ly is the Internet country code top-level domain for Libya. Various sites using it such as bit.ly Libya as in Reagan dropped bombs on #
  • Libya has made great strides to work with the US on this that and the other, but… just an FYI #
  • Yeah. Not needed tonight at rehearsal. I probably will be doing a very small ensemble part as well as VAIL, but not really needed tonight #
  • @bs10064 Break a leg! in reply to bs10064 #
  • @DocGyver Just learned my grandmother passed away a couple of hours ago. 🙁 <– Sorry to hear that #
  • Auditions for the Alliance Acting Program Summer Rep 3&4 are this Saturday. Call 404.733.4700 for slot. REALLY NEED MALES!! #
  • sinus headache and ichy, watery eyes. damn. #
  • RT musickd: Anyone who’s capable of getting themselves into a position of power should on no account be allowed to do the job. Douglas Adams #
  • RT @Mixology Google seems to be down over here. #google <–> No google seems to be down over here. #
  • #google which is really annoying because there is a #wootoff today and woot appears to be using google ajax apps. #
  • Meaning the page will not load. #
  • I should fix my websites to use an alternate stylesheet if javascript is disabled. For the most part my site works fine but… #
  • @bs10064 sorry about the cast member, next time I will say “Good Shit”. Isn’t that a Euro thing or was it made up in Breaking Legs (play). #
  • @krooksie. An appointment is needed, but it’s between 6:30 and 9:30 Saturday May 16. Alliance Acting Program auditions. Call 404.733.4700. #
  • French people say “Bonne merde” (have good shit) instead of Break-a-leg #
  • German people say “Hals- und Beinbruch” (not only the leg but also the neck) instead of Break-a-Leg #
  • At least according to one website, so take with a grain-of-salt. #
  • I wished @bs10064 break-a-leg and one of his cast members did. So from now on it’s Bonne Merde. #
  • Just realized I am doing exaclty like my grandmother did: She always put a folded napkin under her coffee cup. And that is what I do at work #
  • RT @mashable: Facebook Scam Alert Update: also do not click Facebook links to 151.im and 121.im. Info here: http://bit.ly/17KHiG #
  • RT bs10064@SWayward better to say “Good Craic” as that’s more a Northern Irish term where i’m at atm 😀 <– instead of Break-a-Leg #
  • Pretty good rehearsal last night. I will actually be singing just off stage for a scene. Part of the ensemble as well as VAIL. #
  • I did my daily walk as soon as woot detoured to wine.woot. so I wouldn’t miss any thing during the wootoff. How lame is that. #
  • only did 2/3rds mile today instead of the mile. too how. waaa. #

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Did not win a MAT award

The Metropolitan Atlanta Theater Awards ceremony last night was a lot of fun, despite not winning. Got to see a lot of people I had been in other plays with. Still, I am very please to have been nominated. There were, I think, 27 productions reviewed and over 500 people involved with those productions.

Of the two plays that I was in that were judged, Breaking Legs and A Christmas Story, there we 10 nominations and the winners were:

Wally Hinds – Best Set Design for a Play – Breaking Legs

Murray Mann – Best Sound Design for a Play – A Christmas Story

Martha Kennedy – Best Minor Supporting Actress in a Play – Miss Shields – A Christmas Story

People I have been with in other plays who won:

Barbara McFann – Major Supporting Actress in a Play – Mrs. Baker – Come Blow Your Horn at ACT1 Theater.

David Shelton with Rob Roy Hardie and Kelly Lane – Best Sound Design for a Musical – Little Shop of Horrors at Kudzu Playhouse.

Nominated for a MAT Award

The 2008 Metropolitan Atlanta Theater Awards nominations were announced yesterday. The two plays that I was in and reviewed were Breaking Legs and A Christmas Story.

Breaking Legs at Kudzu Playhouse
Best Major Supporting Actor in a Play – Chris Arapoglou –  “Mike Francisco”
Best Minor Supporting Actor in a Play – Jay Croft –  “Frankie Salvucci”
Best Set Design in a Play – Wally Hinds

A Christmas Story at ACT1 Theater
Best Minor Supporting Actress in a Play – Martha Kennedy –  “Miss Shields”
Youth Award in a Play – Bobby Cookson –  “Ralphie Parker”
Youth Award in a Play – Andrew Hudson –  “Randy Parker”
Best Costume Design in a Play – Anne Voller
Best Set Design in a Play – Rich Vandever & Gayley Crockett
Best Lighting Design in a Play – Murray Mann
Best Sound Design in a Play – Murray Mann

A role in Ramona Quimby

On Friday night, after Breaking Legs, Jeannie Hinds directed me towards Jerry Harlow. He is directing Ramona Quimby which opens the first weekend in September at Kudzu Family Playhouse. He was in need of a male actor to play HOBART KEMP. HOBART is supposed to be in his 20’s but does not have to be. When I cut my hair and shave, I look early 30’s. I accepted the role.

Ramona Quimby
Based on the books by Beverly Cleary
Dramatized by Len Jenkins

Show Dates:
September 1, 2007 – 2:00 PM
September 2, 2007 – 2:00 PM

September 8, 2007 – 2:00 PM
September 9, 2007 – 2:00 PM

September 15, 2007 – 2:00 PM
September 16, 2007 – 2:00 PM

September 22, 2007 – 2:00 PM
September 23, 2007 – 2:00 PM

September 29, 2007 – 2:00 PM
September 29, 2007 – 7:30 PM
September 30, 2007 – 2:00 PM

October 6, 2007 – 2:00 PM
October 7, 2007 – 2:00 PM