End of Streetcar

This past weekend was the final weekend of A Streetcar Named Desire. This has not been one of my favorite plays. I just did not like my development of MITCH. MITCH is a little naive, but I think I took that too far and also made him not very smart. But with lines like (to BLANCH) “Guess how much I weigh…. My weight is not a very interesting subject to talk about. What’s yours?” and “…in all my experiences, I’ve never known anyone like you. (BLANCH begins to laugh) Are you laughing at me?”, it was very hard to see him as intelligent, but naive.

Maybe that is correct. I don’t know. I can’t see myself and so am dependent on what others say. I did not receive any bad criticism, so it must have been OK.

Oh well. I can still say that JOEL from Beau Jest is still my favorite role.

Auditioned for And Then There Were None

There apparently was some confusion around date and time for the auditions and notice did not go out until yesterday. So for last night, there were less than a dozen who auditioned and a few of those were in rehearsal for Kudzu’s up coming play Father of the Bride.

Clint Pridgen who will be directing, knew exactly who each character is and conveyed that very well to the actors. He would stop us, give additional instructions and we would start again. He was very good with praise when we got it right. Overall a great audition. Hopefully he will have a good crowd tonight. There are 11 roles to fill.

On a bragging note: there was an actor there last night who remembered my part in Beau Jest. He said it was the best play Kudzu has done in the past few years. I am very proud of that play.

Audition for Play On

Play On by Rick Abbot

Auditioned for Play On last night. Directed by Lane Teilhaber (who directed me in Beau Jest) with Browyn Glantzberg (who I have known from acting classes with Chris Cole Harris) as the Assistant Director. Lane has called back David Campion to do Light & Sound and Karen Rooker as Stage Manager. So I know all these people. I enjoyed working with them on Beau Jest and in acting classes.

My personality type is ISFP (Myers-Briggs typology) or Amiable (Berrett-Koehler). This I have learned from my master’s thesis in college and management training for work. My personality type is to take things personally and to be self-critical.

So, if I did not get a part in this play where I know the entire crew, then I must not be a good actor and they don?t like my ability. Maybe I am not cut out for acting and should give up on this hobby.

That may or may not be true. Most of the time the Director and crew are selecting the best group of people for the play. My style or presents may not be conducive to what the director has in mind. This has nothing to do with my ability or acting style being bad or that I simply am not any good. The Director and crew have an obligation to the playhouse to put on the best play possible with the best cast possible. There were a lot of good male actors on the night I attended auditions that I thought would be very good for the 3 male parts.

I just knew when I was dismissed with other people still reading, that I was not going to get a part. I could not sleep for worrying over not getting a part. See my personality type above.

At 10:40, my cell phone range and instantly my adrenalin began pumping. It was Lane, not offering me a part but at least having me return for callbacks. This still does not mean I have a part in the play, but does alleviate the self-critical part of my personality.

Last night I read for the part of HENRY, a 50+ year old (another 60 year old part), is the mature experienced actor who plays the Lord of the manor (LORD DUDLEY). This is a play-within-a-play.

I will read HENRY again tonight.

I suppose, they could have me just show up because the like me, but not because they want me for….