What I Did: Week Ending 2009-05-17

  • Saw “1:23” at Synchronicity this past weekend. It is only 60 Min long with no intermission. It was very good. It is worth a watch. #
  • Busy week. Monologue class tonight. Rehearsal for Once in a Lifetime: Tue, Thur, Fri. Audition for Summer Reps 3 & 4 on Saturday night. #
  • Finished Monologues That Work class at the Alliance last night. There was a mock interview/audition that I blew one of the two monologues. #
  • Tonight we start blocking Once in a Lifetime. Mostly Act 1 and I am not in until Act 2. So I will be there learning lines while I sit around #
  • I scared a follower away. I always try to find out who the person is if there is no bio or website. Found person on Facebook, so… #
  • So seeing that the person was legit, I sent a friend request on Facebook. Now they no longer follow me on Twitter. #
  • Itchy eyes this morning. Grass pollen I suppose. Taking a Benadryl. #
  • .ly is the Internet country code top-level domain for Libya. Various sites using it such as bit.ly Libya as in Reagan dropped bombs on #
  • Libya has made great strides to work with the US on this that and the other, but… just an FYI #
  • Yeah. Not needed tonight at rehearsal. I probably will be doing a very small ensemble part as well as VAIL, but not really needed tonight #
  • @bs10064 Break a leg! in reply to bs10064 #
  • @DocGyver Just learned my grandmother passed away a couple of hours ago. 🙁 <– Sorry to hear that #
  • Auditions for the Alliance Acting Program Summer Rep 3&4 are this Saturday. Call 404.733.4700 for slot. REALLY NEED MALES!! #
  • sinus headache and ichy, watery eyes. damn. #
  • RT musickd: Anyone who’s capable of getting themselves into a position of power should on no account be allowed to do the job. Douglas Adams #
  • RT @Mixology Google seems to be down over here. #google <–> No google seems to be down over here. #
  • #google which is really annoying because there is a #wootoff today and woot appears to be using google ajax apps. #
  • Meaning the page will not load. #
  • I should fix my websites to use an alternate stylesheet if javascript is disabled. For the most part my site works fine but… #
  • @bs10064 sorry about the cast member, next time I will say “Good Shit”. Isn’t that a Euro thing or was it made up in Breaking Legs (play). #
  • @krooksie. An appointment is needed, but it’s between 6:30 and 9:30 Saturday May 16. Alliance Acting Program auditions. Call 404.733.4700. #
  • French people say “Bonne merde” (have good shit) instead of Break-a-leg #
  • German people say “Hals- und Beinbruch” (not only the leg but also the neck) instead of Break-a-Leg #
  • At least according to one website, so take with a grain-of-salt. #
  • I wished @bs10064 break-a-leg and one of his cast members did. So from now on it’s Bonne Merde. #
  • Just realized I am doing exaclty like my grandmother did: She always put a folded napkin under her coffee cup. And that is what I do at work #
  • RT @mashable: Facebook Scam Alert Update: also do not click Facebook links to 151.im and 121.im. Info here: http://bit.ly/17KHiG #
  • RT bs10064@SWayward better to say “Good Craic” as that’s more a Northern Irish term where i’m at atm 😀 <– instead of Break-a-Leg #
  • Pretty good rehearsal last night. I will actually be singing just off stage for a scene. Part of the ensemble as well as VAIL. #
  • I did my daily walk as soon as woot detoured to wine.woot. so I wouldn’t miss any thing during the wootoff. How lame is that. #
  • only did 2/3rds mile today instead of the mile. too how. waaa. #

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Play: Funeral Parlor
Author: Christopher Durang
Role: Marcus
Age: 30 – 50
Style: Comedic
Time: 1:15
Source: Christopher Durang Volume I: 27 Short Plays
ISBN-10: 188039989X
ISBN-13: 978-1880399897

Susan, I’m so sorry. Death is always a shock. You’re sitting at home doing nothing, and then suddenly death goes “BOO!’, and someone falls down dead. What were his last words? Were they “BOO”? Did he make any noises? Guttural sorts of noises? Or high-pitched-shrieking ones? Eeeeeek! Eeeeeeek! Awooooga! Awooooooga!

Oh, Susan, you poor thing. All alone in the house now. Alone in the kitchen. Alone in the dining room. Alone in the living room – living room, that’s a mocking phrase now, isn’t it? Alone, alone, alone.

You have to mourn, Susan. I always thought the Irish were right to do all that keening. Do you want to keen, Susan? How about singing a spiritual? SWING LOW SWEET CHARIOT, COMING FOR TO… Susan, you are avoiding the sadness, I can’t let you do that.

We’re going to miss him on the commuter train. We use to exchange morning pleasantries. You know your husband was the only person on that whole damn train who was even willing to speak to me. The other people would get panic in their eyes if I even started to walk in their direction.

Your husband, though, was always very friendly to me. Not like my father. Nowadays my father won’t even return my phone calls. Well he’s dead, but I have this medium friend who gave me this special 800 number that lets you call the dead. Maybe you’d like the number to try to reach your husband on the other side.

Are you leaving?

Auditioned for The Mousetrap

I auditioned for The Mousetrap at Red Clay Theatre Tuesday. My appointment was for 7:25 but I arrived early and was able to do my audition early. I was immediately approached by a guy I have seen in various auditions around town. Could not remember his name at the moment, but I know now: Bob Smith. Nice guy.

At the sign in table was a “Guest Artist” from Barefoot in the Park, the DELIVERY MAN was such a small role, that Button Theatre decided to sale the role. I don’t remember her name. I am so bad with names.

Once in the theatre to audition, the auditors were Ginny Lockhart (Assistant Director of Barefoot in the Park) and Kelly Knowlton (Stage Manager for Barefoot in the Park). They had me do a dramatic monologue and then the same monologue with a British accent. I had been working on a British Northern accent (Yorkshire) so I did that. The stopped me about half way though and said that is all they needed to see. Very quick.

I did find out that because so many people wanted to audition for the play, Monday night was added a an additional night for auditions. That is great.

Today, I received an email inviting me back for Thursday’s callback for the role of MAJOR METCALF. There were two other recipients on that email: Bob Smith mentioned above and George Crolius who I have seen at auditions around town as well. There may be more than the three of us called back for that role.

Of the three, I think I look least like I have retired from the British Army. I can add makeup and age myself. I may do a little of that for the callback.


Play: Romance in D
Author: James Sherman
Role: Charles Norton
Age: 40
Style: Dramatic

Why did I want to kiss you? I don’t know. It has something to do with the fact that I think you’re beautiful. I think you’re very smart. I wanted to kiss you from the moment I first saw you through the peephole.

And then you came to my place. If you hadn’t done that… You could have lived in this apartment for twenty years before I came over here. But you wanted to talk. To “make a connection”. You’re not chronically depressed. You’re chronically alive.

I kept telling myself over and over, “Don’t fall in love. Don’t fall in love.” And I’m in love goddamnit!

By the time my father was my age, he had a wife, two children, a thriving business, and a hobby. Look at me, his son. I have a survival job and a single bed.

Listen. You’re embarrassed. I’m embarrassed. Let’s just forget the whole thing, okay?

I shouldn’t have kissed you. I shouldn’t have said anything. I don’t want a relationship.

You know why not. If we have a relationship, we’re going to have to sit around and talk about “Can we compromise” and “Can we meet halfway” and “Can we work together”.  And all it means is that one of us going to get hurt and it’s probably going to be me.

I’ve been dumped really hard before. I just don’t want it to happen to me again. I have my work. And I have my music. And I have a life. I don’t want to mess it up.

What I Did: Week Ending 2009-04-12

  • @THEezrunner Thanks. Another 2/3 mile walk around the building today. Determined to loose 3 lbs this week. in reply to THEezrunner #
  • Tip from my allergist: wash your face during allergy season. Keep the pollen off. Maybe I should shave my pollen catcher (beard). #
  • @theflickcast don’t you mean iTune in. <snicker> in reply to theflickcast #
  • Cupcakes? Why yes I will have one. When have I ever refused. #
  • Have an audition slot for The Mousetrap on April 28th at 7:25PM-EST at Button Theatre. I need to work on a British accent. #
  • @ginayates Thanks. I have Northern British, but not Standard which is what I need to work on. in reply to ginayates #
  • RT @the_brian_jones: @SWayward All of Monty Python is free on Youtube. 🙂 They use a wide variety of accents. <– good point. #
  • @JonathanNail Thanks! in reply to JonathanNail #
  • going to be a busy next few days. Learning lines for Once in a Lifetime, rehearsals start in May. Accent for an audition. #
  • Need to find monologues for my Monday night class and Advanced Scene Study for the next 4 Wednesday nights #
  • Oh and a trip to St. Simon’s Island and two garage sales to prep for. And damn it, I did not win the lottery. #
  • Oh well. Lunch! #
  • Note to self: Another audition scheduled for 2:16PM-EST on Sunday April 26th at Theater Emory for The 5th Great Ape. #

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