Respect the victims

A few months ago, I was in a TV program named Unbreakable: Live to Tell. This was the second reality crime show I have done. Based on all the other Stage and TV projects I have done, it is an easy mind set to want to shout about what you have done. Most of the 50ish projects I have done, I am proud of. I want (or wanted – stage shows) people to see them.

But for the two reenactments, it’s hard to keep in mind that these horrific events happened to real people. Some victims are still trying to cope with the consequences. “Hey, look at me” seems inappropriate.

“Based on true events” shows are different. The events are most likely exaggerated. Changes are there to appeal to audiences who want a good story. I don’t have too much of an issue bragging about acting in such stories.

The point though is to keep in mind the people these events happened to. Respect them as you would anyone else you. It’s OK to be proud that you were able to tell their story. Just don’t make the story about you.

Fusion Awards

I did not win the “Community Impact Award for Performing Artists”. Rebecca Parker did and rightly so. Defining what the award means is not being just a very good Performing Artist but doing so in a way that has a profound impact on the Community around you. Becca’s bio was very impressive and she deserved the award.

The bio written for me was very nice. Thank you to who ever submitted me for the award. Just being accepted as a nominee is impressive enough.

Jay Croft is one of the most talented and giving actors we know. Jay can take any character and make it completely believable and make it his own. Jay can entrance the audience and have them follow his every move. He takes the given role and becomes that person. We have seen him literally transform himself for a role, taking his personal appearance to the heights needed to become someone else. He takes his theater very personal and as such, carries it to the enjoyment of the audience. He can plan any given person from any genre. Jay has played characters from Duke (MASH), the DA in “Caine Mutiny”, to the son in “Driving Miss Daisy” to Papa in “Yes Virginia” to the sleazy 60’s Director on “Plaza Suite” and more. Jay is one of the main actors we call when we need someone to jump in. He can pick up any role and be so professional from the start. He is wonderful to work with, and whats more the patrons love him. His smile and his personality are so endearing and his performances onstage are untouchable. He is the consummate actor.

4th Annual ArtWorks Gwinnett Fusion Award Nominees Announced

ArtWorks Gwinnett has announced the 2015 Fusion Award nominees. We received over 70 nominations this year, so our judging panel had to reduce the number to no more than three in each of our 15 categories. The finalist list is below.

The Awards Ceremony will begin at 7:00 p.m. at the Aurora Theatre and will feature performances from Gwinnett artists from across the county. The Ceremony will be followed by a champagne and dessert reception in the lobby. This year’s sponsors include Primerica, Andersen Tate & Carr, Jackson EMC, Gwinnett Village CID, Aurora Theatre, The McGarity Group, and the ArtWorks Gwinnett Board of Directors.

For $20 tickets to the Fusion Awards, please click here: .

Fusion Award 2015 Nominees

Lifetime Achievement Award

  • Anna Balkan
  • “Art” Lee Bivens
  • Lynn Urda

Vision Award

  • Sherry Ingbritsen
  • Teresa Osborn
  • Anthony Rodriguez and Ann-Carol Pence

Arts Educator of the Year

  • Jaclyn Hofmann
  • Kyle Lineberry
  • Eleanor Neal

Arts Volunteer of the Year

  • Meredith Jones
  • Scott Piehler

Corporate Arts Citizen- Individual

  • Anna Balkan
  • Keisha Cameron
  • Ray Stanjevich

Corporate Arts Citizen- Organization

  • AGCO Corporation
  • Salude – the Art of Recovery

Community Impact- Community Partnership

  • Duluth Fine Arts League, City of Duluth, and AGCO
  • Duluth Matters, Duluth Fine Arts League, and City of Duluth
  • Hudgens Center for the Arts

Community Impact-Arts Leader

  • Anna Balkan
  • Kay Montgomery
  • Wade Walthall

 Community Impact – Community Arts Program

  • Barefoot in the Park
  • Fine Arts Leadership Team – Peachtree Ridge High School
  • Gwinnett County Alumnae Chapter of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. and Fortitude Foundation

 Community Impact- Creative Business

  • Biscardi Creative
  • Eagle Rock Distributing Company
  • Loudfund

 Community Impact- Performing Artist

  • James Beck
  • Jay Croft
  • Rebecca Parker

 Community Impact- Visual Artist

  • Donna Biggee
  • “Art” Lee Bivens
  • Paul Ingbritsen

 Community Impact- Visual Arts Organization

  • Barefoot in the Park
  • Gwinnett Environmental and Heritage Center
  • Hudgens Center for the Arts

 Community Impact-Performing Arts Organization

  • Gwinnett County Alumnae Chapter of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority
  • Live Arts Theatre
  • Red Clay Music Foundry

2014 Broadway World Atlanta Awards

Let the voting begin. is hosting their annual awards for acting. So please go vote. Get everyone you know to vote. Get everyone they know to vote. Thanks

Shows I have been involved with over the last year:

Best Actor in a Play (Non-Professional)
Jay Croft – Driving Miss Daisy – Gypsy Theatre Company
Jay Croft – Plaza Suite – New Dawn Theater
Nat Martin – Driving Miss Daisy – Gypsy Theatre Company
Scott King – Plaza Suite – New Dawn Theater
Steven Miller – Harvey – New Dawn Theater

Best Actress in a Play (Non-Professional)
Gloria Szokoly – Driving Miss Daisy – Gypsy Theatre Company
Katie Tucker – Plaza Suite – New Dawn Theater

Best Director of a Play (Non-Professional)
Mercury – Driving Miss Daisy – Gypsy Theatre Company
Sherry Ingbritsen – Plaza Suite – New Dawn Theater

Best Play (Non-Professional)
Driving Miss Daisy – Gypsy Theatre Company
Plaza Suite – New Dawn Theater

Best Scenic Design
Mercury – Driving Miss Daisy – Gypsy Theatre Company

Associate Board Member of New Dawn Theater Company

I have been asked and accepted an Associate position on the New Dawn Theater Company board. I really like this group and like acting in this theater. I am thrilled that the board members think enough of me to consider me as a board member.

What does being a board member mean to me? It is an opportunity to help a theater grow in the community and as a business and as a source for the arts.

It does not mean is that this is my own personal playground. I do not want any special considerations at anytime. If any board member thought that way I would not accept. In fact if any member of the board thought that way I would stop having anything to do with New Dawn Theater.

The board is there to advance the needs of the theater, not the needs of the self.

Enough said.