Worry, Headshots and a New Play

Last few posts, besides the weekly tweeter posts, have been multiple topics. This post is the same.

We’ll start with the Worry: This week we started Off Book and NO-Line Calls for 12 Angry Jurors. Monday was painful and embarrassing. I am embarrassed to say that I did not know the play well enough to know where we were some of the time. Not that I am using it as an excuse, but I did miss the first 3 weeks of rehearsal. It is no excuse. I am glad to say I knew my lines, but that is not enough. Having over 300 lines (the director counted) and as the lead, I should know where we are in the play. I should be able to help keep us on track.

Last night I tried to give someone a clue for a line and it backfired on me. It was also a queue for another person and we jumped a page. As much as I wanted to there No going back once it is skipped, especially when the line given is important and a question directed to my character to boot. Sigh. We have a long ways to go and Sunday starts Tech Week. We open one week today.

Headshots:  Had new headshots done this past weekend by a friend and photographer Michael Montgomery. His company is Shutter Artistry. I should see the results tomorrow.

New Play: On the same day as the headshots, I also auditioned for the Alliance Theatre Acting Program’s Fall Players. Usually the Fall Players will do a Christmas show. This year the Alliance Theatre Acting Program will collaboration with the Alliance Theatre’s highly popular Kendeda Playwriting Competition and produce a two plays by Josh Tobiessen who competed in the competition.

I auditioned and was offended the role of BRADY in Spoon Lake Blues.  In an attempt to save their family home from a constant barrage of debt collectors, two brothers, Denis and Brady, start robbing the homes of their rich neighbors in the quickly gentrifying mountain town of Spoon Lake. Everything is going according to plan until Brady develops a crush on Caitlin, a young African American college student whose wealthy family Denis and Brady robbed the day before. While Caitlin immediately takes pity on the brothers’ dire situation her attempts to help out the locals end up causing problems of their own.

The second play will be Election Day also by Josh Tobiessen. Both are about an hour in length and well be presented on the same night with intermission between.

Performances:  Dec 10-12, 7:30pm and Dec 13, 2:30pm.

TENTATIVE extension : Dec 17-19, 7:30pm and Dec 20, 2:30pm.

NOTE: Plays are subject to change due to contract agreement.

What I Did: Week Ending 2009-05-17

  • Saw “1:23” at Synchronicity this past weekend. It is only 60 Min long with no intermission. It was very good. It is worth a watch. #
  • Busy week. Monologue class tonight. Rehearsal for Once in a Lifetime: Tue, Thur, Fri. Audition for Summer Reps 3 & 4 on Saturday night. #
  • Finished Monologues That Work class at the Alliance last night. There was a mock interview/audition that I blew one of the two monologues. #
  • Tonight we start blocking Once in a Lifetime. Mostly Act 1 and I am not in until Act 2. So I will be there learning lines while I sit around #
  • I scared a follower away. I always try to find out who the person is if there is no bio or website. Found person on Facebook, so… #
  • So seeing that the person was legit, I sent a friend request on Facebook. Now they no longer follow me on Twitter. #
  • Itchy eyes this morning. Grass pollen I suppose. Taking a Benadryl. #
  • .ly is the Internet country code top-level domain for Libya. Various sites using it such as bit.ly Libya as in Reagan dropped bombs on #
  • Libya has made great strides to work with the US on this that and the other, but… just an FYI #
  • Yeah. Not needed tonight at rehearsal. I probably will be doing a very small ensemble part as well as VAIL, but not really needed tonight #
  • @bs10064 Break a leg! in reply to bs10064 #
  • @DocGyver Just learned my grandmother passed away a couple of hours ago. 🙁 <– Sorry to hear that #
  • Auditions for the Alliance Acting Program Summer Rep 3&4 are this Saturday. Call 404.733.4700 for slot. REALLY NEED MALES!! #
  • sinus headache and ichy, watery eyes. damn. #
  • RT musickd: Anyone who’s capable of getting themselves into a position of power should on no account be allowed to do the job. Douglas Adams #
  • RT @Mixology Google seems to be down over here. #google <–> No google seems to be down over here. #
  • #google which is really annoying because there is a #wootoff today and woot appears to be using google ajax apps. #
  • Meaning the page will not load. #
  • I should fix my websites to use an alternate stylesheet if javascript is disabled. For the most part my site works fine but… #
  • @bs10064 sorry about the cast member, next time I will say “Good Shit”. Isn’t that a Euro thing or was it made up in Breaking Legs (play). #
  • @krooksie. An appointment is needed, but it’s between 6:30 and 9:30 Saturday May 16. Alliance Acting Program auditions. Call 404.733.4700. #
  • French people say “Bonne merde” (have good shit) instead of Break-a-leg #
  • German people say “Hals- und Beinbruch” (not only the leg but also the neck) instead of Break-a-Leg #
  • At least according to one website, so take with a grain-of-salt. #
  • I wished @bs10064 break-a-leg and one of his cast members did. So from now on it’s Bonne Merde. #
  • Just realized I am doing exaclty like my grandmother did: She always put a folded napkin under her coffee cup. And that is what I do at work #
  • RT @mashable: Facebook Scam Alert Update: also do not click Facebook links to 151.im and 121.im. Info here: http://bit.ly/17KHiG #
  • RT bs10064@SWayward better to say “Good Craic” as that’s more a Northern Irish term where i’m at atm 😀 <– instead of Break-a-Leg #
  • Pretty good rehearsal last night. I will actually be singing just off stage for a scene. Part of the ensemble as well as VAIL. #
  • I did my daily walk as soon as woot detoured to wine.woot. so I wouldn’t miss any thing during the wootoff. How lame is that. #
  • only did 2/3rds mile today instead of the mile. too how. waaa. #

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What I Did: Week Ending 2009-04-05

  • Monologues That Work at the Alliance Theatre did get enough students to make. However it is postponed till next Monday April 6th. #
  • Gonna be one of those days. Left lunch at home. #
  • Leaving soon to meet up with @DocGyver and other fellow x-coworkers. Our last Monday of the month gathering. #
  • We have been doing this gathering for years now. I left the company in 98 or 99. #
  • Must finish my cup of tea first. Tea is a terrible thing to waste. Unless you are using it as a symbol of dissatisfaction with Government #
  • In little over an hour I will leave Norcross and head down to 14th street for the Atlanta Unifieds. #
  • @jtalia Thank you. Getting nervous. in reply to jtalia #
  • @alyjack See you at 11:57 then. in reply to alyjack #
  • Off to the Unifieds. Should arrive about an hour early. Better early than late. #
  • Crap. Don’t think I did well at the Atlanta Unifieds. I did both monologues, without missing a line… as far as I know. #
  • My brain just shut down and my body was doing the monologues. That is bad, because I was not in control of what my mouth and body were doing #
  • Met @joeventures at the Unifieds. Thanks Joe. #
  • Also ran into Karen Rooker and Patrick Schambach who I have worked with in the past. #
  • Twice in two days now. A celebrity twitters a URL and their followers bombard the site and brings down the targets’ web server. #
  • Accidental of course. But it is funny the way the followers jump to see what is out there. #
  • Wow I was able to tweet the same text twice. Hit the enter key twice by accident and was able to post before tweetdeck could clear buffer #
  • RT @TheatreUBC: “God is a comedian playing to an audience too afraid to laugh.” – Voltaire (1694-1778) <– like that #
  • Having my first cup of tea. Shameful. Maybe it was the lack of tea for poor performance at the Atlanta Unifieds. #
  • Cranky today. #
  • RT @Foodimentary: “When I read about the evils of drinking, I gave up reading.” ~Henry Youngman <– another great #quote #
  • Accepting a role of Vale in Kaufman & Hart’s “Once in a Lifetime.” at the @alliancetheatre student program. #
  • RT @crazeegeekchick: 1f u c4n r34d th1s u r34lly n33d t0 g37 l41d <– damn it. #
  • Or maybe I should have said “d4mn |7” #
  • My ADD seems to be in overdrive toda…. oh look. #
  • Off to the Alliance Theatre for Advanced Scene Study class. #
  • @alyjack I did shots for years. So now the allergies are just a seasonal annoyance instead of breaking out in hives. in reply to alyjack #
  • Favorite anime series: Cowboy Bebop #
  • @wcdarling Welcome back. in reply to wcdarling #
  • RT @BenThrashers: Can any of you access atlantathrashers.com or thrashers.nhl.com? — first url No, second yes #
  • @DailyActor bluehost.com <– rated one the top five hosting services in reply to DailyActor #
  • OK, just did a half mile walk, not much but it’s a start. Now I feel coated with pollen. #

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Auditioned for Same Time Next Year

I must say that Adriana Warner is absolutely brilliant. I would love to be in a play she directs.

I went to the second night of auditions (last night). I was the only guy. There were three ladies auditioning for the part of DORIS. So I got to read with all of them. Better for me. Each time I could improve or change what I had done before.

Because there were so few ladies, it gave Adriana more time to work over the readings. For the last lady (Bronwyn Glantzberg, who I have had acting classes with), Adriana worked with us for over 30 minutes, tweaking, prodding, etc. to get us to think about, shape and mold the characters. It was a great experience.

I was being pushed in a way I have not been pushed before. Nerve racking. I loved every minute of it. But I did get the feeling that all the acting I have done before now in community theatre was nothing compared to the level of expectations a director has for their actors.

Call backs on on Sunday with a call by Adriana by Saturday Evening. I don’t know how many guys auditioned on Tuesday night or if she has someone already picked out, but I would do almost anything to be in this play.

Other notes about this production: This is a two person play. Adriana has plans for a larger crew: a couple of people for set changes and two or more people to assist the actors in wardrobe. There are 6 scenes and each scene is in a different year over a 25 year time period. So quick changes in the set and wardrobe of each era. I would image 5 to 7 people for the crew and tech.