Respect the victims

A few months ago, I was in a TV program named Unbreakable: Live to Tell. This was the second reality crime show I have done. Based on all the other Stage and TV projects I have done, it is an easy mind set to want to shout about what you have done. Most of the 50ish projects I have done, I am proud of. I want (or wanted – stage shows) people to see them.

But for the two reenactments, it’s hard to keep in mind that these horrific events happened to real people. Some victims are still trying to cope with the consequences. “Hey, look at me” seems inappropriate.

“Based on true events” shows are different. The events are most likely exaggerated. Changes are there to appeal to audiences who want a good story. I don’t have too much of an issue bragging about acting in such stories.

The point though is to keep in mind the people these events happened to. Respect them as you would anyone else you. It’s OK to be proud that you were able to tell their story. Just don’t make the story about you.