Fusion Awards

I did not win the “Community Impact Award for Performing Artists”. Rebecca Parker did and rightly so. Defining what the award means is not being just a very good Performing Artist but doing so in a way that has a profound impact on the Community around you. Becca’s bio was very impressive and she deserved the award.

The bio written for me was very nice. Thank you to who ever submitted me for the award. Just being accepted as a nominee is impressive enough.

Jay Croft is one of the most talented and giving actors we know. Jay can take any character and make it completely believable and make it his own. Jay can entrance the audience and have them follow his every move. He takes the given role and becomes that person. We have seen him literally transform himself for a role, taking his personal appearance to the heights needed to become someone else. He takes his theater very personal and as such, carries it to the enjoyment of the audience. He can plan any given person from any genre. Jay has played characters from Duke (MASH), the DA in “Caine Mutiny”, to the son in “Driving Miss Daisy” to Papa in “Yes Virginia” to the sleazy 60’s Director on “Plaza Suite” and more. Jay is one of the main actors we call when we need someone to jump in. He can pick up any role and be so professional from the start. He is wonderful to work with, and whats more the patrons love him. His smile and his personality are so endearing and his performances onstage are untouchable. He is the consummate actor.