Christmas show

I had not planned on doing a Christmas show. I had been in rehearsal, show, or studying lines since February. The first opportunity I was asked to consider was being the foley artist for “It’s a Wonderful Life” radio show. I was considering that. That would have been a lot of fun.

Next was “Yes Virginia, There is a Santa Claus” at New Dawn Theater. They are in need of a lead male.

Third offer yesterday was doing multiple supporting roles in “A Christmas Carol” by the Gypsy Theatre Company in Cumming. They had someone drop out and are in need of an actor.

So, I had 2 companies asking me to do a show. I was forced into making a decision. So 4 options (the 4th being nothing at all).

Things to consider: I have season tickets to the Gwinnett Gladiators and doing a show means missing games which I have already paid for.

I also wanted a rest break from doing shows, but lately I have been feeling antsy. I believe I was ready to do another show.

Finally, I do want to audition for New Dawn’s production of “The Great Gatsby” which rehearsals start in January and shows in February. So this would mean 4 strait months of rehearsals/shows starting now (assuming I landed a role in Gatsby).

Other considerations: Mercury at Gypsy Theatre Company is one of the best directors I have every worked with. Also there is a stipend for doing “A Christmas Carol”.

Weighing all options I decided to go with the lead role in New Dawn’s “Yes Virginia, There is a Santa Claus”.

No, I am not going to justify my reasoning. Deal with it.