Past Few Months

Nominated: Best Actor in a Play

The big news for me is that I was nominated for a Broadway World Atlanta award. Broadway World has being doing awards for a few years now, but has just expanded to Atlanta. Nominations were accepted and voting has begun. I do not know, nor does Sherry Ingbritsen at New Dawn Theater know, who did the nominations. But New Dawn has 12 Nominations of which I was nominated for Best Actor in a Play (Non-Professional).

The voting is a fan based contest. To be nominated is flattering. I did such a good job that someone remembered and nominated me. After that, I would be nice to win, but it really is just a popularity contest. It is a matter of how many people I can get to vote for me than the other nominees can get to vote for them.

Voting runs until December 31st. So get out and vote (for me)!

Recent Auditions: Center for Puppetry Arts

I auditioned at The Center for Puppetry Arts. It consisted of my doing a monologue, singing and then playing with some puppets. I did a medley type of thing for the singing portion. My thought was that doing different voices for the puppets, meant showing off that I could do different voices while singing. So I did. Playing with the puppets was a lot of fun. The auditor wanted to see my problem solving ability with the puppets; making their mouths match syllables, walking, interaction. I knew it was not easy, but was surprised at how hard it actually is. And how much fun it is. I had a great time. As I was being escorted out by I believe, Kristin Haverty, she said I did great. I hope so. I think doing a show would be loads of fun.