Twitter: Week Ending 2011-06-12

  • At MARTA station. Heading to Dallas to corporate office for some training on new software. #
  • Well here I sit, drinking a long island in Texas. The area in Irving does not have much within walk. Sigh. #
  • Been trying to take a break from acting (stage). Damn I miss it. I need to work on an agent for TV. #
  • @the_brian_jones @jaycroft_actor in Dallas at the moment for work. And I think I could play a great Lucy. #
  • It never fucking fails that I can make though ATL tsa security. But get me in a smaller airport my shit gets taken away. Shaving cream. Fuck #
  • Terrorist have won if I cannot have my shaving cream. #
  • I think I will cancel my next flight and drive the 800 miles. That way I can keep my shit! #

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