Twitter: Week Ending 2011-03-20

  • Finally embedded twitter again on my website. Most of the changes/upgrades are done. I suppose I should remove the “Under Construction” note #
  • I have converted to Vegetarianism. A few weeks ago, the thought of consuming land animals with all the chemicals, etc. made me nauseous. #
  • Vegetarianism: And the thought of drinking milk from a sedated animal who is forced to eat food it cannot really digest…. Yuck. #
  • Speaking of food, off to Willy’s (no cheese or meat, thank you) to meet up with @DocGyver. #
  • @BatfishLD Thank! in reply to BatfishLD #
  • I have no green on today. Sooo looking forward to the beatings. #
  • Ran into Josh Tobiessen last night at the @alliancetheatre. After meeting him once a year-and-a-half ago, he remembered who I was. Very cool #
  • It is o’clock too early on a Saturday and I am at a Ham Radio event in Marietta after 3.5 hours sleep. Shit. #

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