Twitter: Week Ending 2011-01-16

  • It has been fun the past few days watching cars trying to make it out of our neighborhood. This morning there is a line of cars TRYING. #
  • Out of the 6 in line, 2 have made it out. They knew how to drive or were lucky. After our big hill is another steep one before main road PIB #
  • Someone is now giving driving instructions. Good luck people. #
  • I think the neighborhood has gone mad. Starting in front of my home, they have cleared the road of ice for some 40 ft. Only 300+ more to go. #
  • Even with a little stretch of clear road, idiot drivers still think that if they gun the engine, they will make it up the hill. #
  • People who _KNOW_ how to drive on ice were getting in and out just fine. All they will achieve is allowing idiots onto the main roads. Yikes #
  • I know people are going stir-crazy, but… This all started because a guy got stuck over the curb and started clearing a little patch. #

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