Twitter: Week Ending 2010-12-19

  • Rumor: Insurance companies are following customers on Facebook to asses their health issues. I am sure it’s not just Facebook they look at. #
  • Listening to Jim Dale read A Christmas Carol. He is brilliant. #
  • Eight shows left for A Christmas Story. 4 this weekend: Fri & Sat 7PM. Sat & Sun 2 PM. Then Thu – Thur 7PM and finally Christmas Eve at 2PM. #
  • I want some software that will collect all my social data and allow me to store it in my own database. Anybody know anything like that? #
  • 30 minutes till curtain. Had 98 people at the matinee. Great audience and great tech. #
  • #bestchildhoodgift #
  • was a .22 Rifle givin from Grandfather on Dec 25 and the day he died. And current play is A Christmas Story about a #bestchildhoodgift #
  • 4th day without food because I cannot step away from Facebook. #

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