Twitter: Week Ending 2010-12-12

  • I think I will audition for Pride and Prejudice tonight at New Dawn. #
  • I could use a new headshot, but I need to pay off some bills first before spending $300 to $500 on the Photographer and prints. #
  • Finished A Christmas Story. Now waiting to go out with a few cast members. #
  • Have not heard back from the auditions on Monday. Sherry said if we did not hear by this coming Monday… But I get anxious having to wait. #
  • I could go for a beer and a crowded dance floor with a DJ blasting out some trance/techno. #
  • Monday should here about Pride and Prejudice auditions. Would love to do Darcy. Everybody who read did “angry” and Darcy is not angry. #
  • Would settle for the Dad though. That is a somewhat humorous role. I think. #
  • Caught part of #tatw350 last night. Excellent. #
  • Both casts (A Christmas Story and A Christmas Carol) are between shows right now at Kudzu. Story is at 7:00 and Carol is at 8:00. #

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