Small of Her Back wrap up

A very good play by Dana Lynn Formby, who was in town the Monday before we opened. She loved what we had done with her play. Afterwards, we went out for drinks and had a great time. There is always the risk that the directors vision of a play is not what the playwright had in mind and tensions can arise. The cast can be nervous as well: Will she like my character I developed? Will I remember all my lines? We all called for lines, but it is a little embarrassing when calling for the lines in front of the playwright.

This is the second playwright I was able to meet. Back in December, I met Josh Tobiessen when he was at the Alliance. We were doing two of his plays: Spoon Lake Blues and Election Day.

The cast in The Small of Her Back did a great job for the four shows. Of the four shows, the first two were Sold Out! And the third nearly was. Sunday was smaller but still half a house.