What I Did: Week Ending 2010-01-17

  • OK. I have decided that I did really bad at last years Atl Unifieds. Only a single call and that because my resume said I sing. #
  • Despite no calls from the Unifieds, I did 5 plays last year. 2 of them as lead. plans this year are to spend the 1st Q in acting classes. #
  • Put over 8000 miles on my truck related to acting. That is about a 10th of the total mileage for last year. #
  • Doctor Who and Battlestar Galactica take on Law & Order: UK #
  • I have used bit.ly myself, but .ly is the top level domain for Lybia just as .us is the for USA and .fm is the Federated States o Micronesia #
  • .tv is the island of Tuvalu. Each country can open up their domain for sale or not. To have a .uk TLD you have to be a citizen of the UK #
  • During the Eocene (56 to 34 million years ago), the average temperature at the poles was 59 to 68 F. Man did not cause that warming did we? #

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