Meeting Josh Tobiessen next week

Josh Tobiessen, the author of Spoon Lake Blues and Election Day, will be at the Alliance Theatre for our rehearsals and a Q&A next Monday through Wednesday. On Monday he will see our (Alliance Theatre Acting Program) rehearsal of Spoon Lake Blues. Then on Tuesday afternoon the Alliance Theatre will do a reading of Spoon Lake Blues as a precursor for a possible stage production next year.

The Alliance Theatre Acting Program vs. The Alliance Theatre

There are so many times when I would like to have feedback on my acting or productions I am in. This is one of them. I would really like to hear what Josh has to say about the two performances. Not really something you can ask outright and hope to get a straight answer. If the Alliance Theatre does do a production next year, I will have to see it, see the differences. I have seen other productions of plays I have been in for that reason. Sometimes they were better, sometimes not.