Worry, Headshots and a New Play

Last few posts, besides the weekly tweeter posts, have been multiple topics. This post is the same.

We’ll start with the Worry: This week we started Off Book and NO-Line Calls for 12 Angry Jurors. Monday was painful and embarrassing. I am embarrassed to say that I did not know the play well enough to know where we were some of the time. Not that I am using it as an excuse, but I did miss the first 3 weeks of rehearsal. It is no excuse. I am glad to say I knew my lines, but that is not enough. Having over 300 lines (the director counted) and as the lead, I should know where we are in the play. I should be able to help keep us on track.

Last night I tried to give someone a clue for a line and it backfired on me. It was also a queue for another person and we jumped a page. As much as I wanted to there No going back once it is skipped, especially when the line given is important and a question directed to my character to boot. Sigh. We have a long ways to go and Sunday starts Tech Week. We open one week today.

Headshots:  Had new headshots done this past weekend by a friend and photographer Michael Montgomery. His company is Shutter Artistry. I should see the results tomorrow.

New Play: On the same day as the headshots, I also auditioned for the Alliance Theatre Acting Program’s Fall Players. Usually the Fall Players will do a Christmas show. This year the Alliance Theatre Acting Program will collaboration with the Alliance Theatre’s highly popular Kendeda Playwriting Competition and produce a two plays by Josh Tobiessen who competed in the competition.

I auditioned and was offended the role of BRADY in Spoon Lake Blues.  In an attempt to save their family home from a constant barrage of debt collectors, two brothers, Denis and Brady, start robbing the homes of their rich neighbors in the quickly gentrifying mountain town of Spoon Lake. Everything is going according to plan until Brady develops a crush on Caitlin, a young African American college student whose wealthy family Denis and Brady robbed the day before. While Caitlin immediately takes pity on the brothers’ dire situation her attempts to help out the locals end up causing problems of their own.

The second play will be Election Day also by Josh Tobiessen. Both are about an hour in length and well be presented on the same night with intermission between.

Performances:  Dec 10-12, 7:30pm and Dec 13, 2:30pm.

TENTATIVE extension : Dec 17-19, 7:30pm and Dec 20, 2:30pm.

NOTE: Plays are subject to change due to contract agreement.