What I Did: Week Ending 2009-08-16

  • Have not tweeted as much over the past month as the previous months. Been busy at work. New boss is in cube across the isle now. Yikes. #
  • Leaving in a few to go to the read through of 12 Angy Jurors. Tomorrow evening is a PSA shoot Thurs and Fri are The Royal Family rehearsals. #
  • I am following more people and becoming less interested in twitter. Does that mean I need to thin out, narrow my interest? #
  • Read through for 12 Angry Jurors went smoothly last night. Leaving in about 30 min for an Industrial PSA shoot. #
  • #favepod Everything Acting, Macbreak Weekly, Quasi-Glamorous Life #
  • Quote of the day: isn’t life unusual #
  • RT @AtlantaDream: End of the 1st quarter, 25-18 Dream — go dream!! #
  • Waiting for mrs cavendish to die. Don’t worry. Just rehearsal for The Royal Family. #

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