Disappointment and a New Role

The rehearsals for The Royal Family are not going as planned. We are falling behind. In a long talk with Pat Hurley last night, we exchanged confidences about what is going on. One thing is that the cast is not “off book” and should be. I admit some areas I am not off book and we rehearsed those areas last night. I really hate to disappoint Pat, especially when I don’t have that many lines compared to the rest of the cast. I have no excuse.

On a brighter note, I have landed a couple of roles. First audition on Monday night was at the Art Institute of Atlanta for student projects. I landed a role as the WIDOWER in a Drug Free America PSA. I did audition for another role for another student and I was awful. Interesting how you can be a very good fit for one role and read well for it and then very bad for another.

The second audition on Monday night and the one I am really excited about, if for the role of JUROR EIGHT in 12 Angry Jurors. Pat tells me it is the lead. Very excited about that. Thrilled even.

12 Angry Jurors runs October 8th – October 25th at the New Dawn Theater Company’s Second Stage in Duluth.