Update for July 22, 2009

I have not written a post in almost a month, so it’s about time. I don’t have a specific topic for this one, so a general update.

Rehearsals have started for The Royal Family. I have worked with several of the cast members before and it is going to be a GREAT show. But we have lost Robin Hitchcock due to personal issues and Alpha Trivette will join us later in rehearsals. Alpha just lost his son. Our thoughts are with him. I don’t have a big role in this but do have a lot of busy work. As the houseman JO, I am on and off the stage a lot.

I had an audition for a short the short film Trader Jack last Monday. I did not have my sides as memorized as I would have liked to have them. When I got in front of the camera to do the long side I was given, all the words left me. I did have the print out and referred to it, but I believe it would have looked better if I could have done it verbatim. Teresa Sanson also auditioned, but neither of us received a role.

I am thinking of doing a podcast.

I have 3 stage auditions I want to go to in August, spread out over 4 weeks. And it is the last audition that I would really like to do. I am almost positive that I would land a role in one of the earlier auditions because of the size of the cast needed. If I did not accept a role for or even not audition for the earlier play, there is a good change I will not get any work. Sigh.

A friend of mine, and actor, turned in my headshots to his agent. I called the agent yesterday to follow up. Hope I hear something. It would be nice to have an agent also looking for work for me. Speaking of work, this is a very disturbing article about the Hollywood Middle Class. I know the economy is bad, but when there is so many new ways of distribution (the “New Media”) for potential income, this is horrible for actors.