What I Did: Week Ending 2009-07-05

  • its Monday already? #
  • Bought an iPhone 3GS 32GB in Black yesterday. I am thrilled! #
  • Cardstar, a nifty little free app for the iPhone that carries all you keychain barcodes. those cards that have a barcode on it for discounts #
  • @DocGyver Henry mentioned it last night at the gathering. in reply to DocGyver #
  • @alphatrivette um… I can do without that. in reply to alphatrivette #
  • I need for my #iphone a good notes organizer that I can sync with my macbook. #
  • RT @rustytanton: @SWayward http://evernote.com/ #iphone <– Thanks for the suggestion. #
  • Was able to pair my motorola H700 bluetooth headpiece that I had for over 4 years to my #iPhone is just a few seconds. Fantastic. #
  • Sangria would go good with my lunch just now. #
  • RT @gwtgladiators: GLADIATORS NATION!Want to renew or purchase a mini plan but can't commit the amount? ACCEPTING DEPOSITS! $25 gets you in! #
  • Gwinnett Sports: @GwinnettBraves1 and @gwtgladiators rock. I really like Gwinnett County. #
  • Office is closing early today. Yeah. wait…. I get paid by the hour. D'OH. #
  • Monday night received a call from a theatre for an audition based on the recommendation of somebody. Turned it down do to too many conflicts #
  • Was noisy in the restaurant so I missed out on the name of the Theatre and the person who gave the recommendation. All of August was out. #
  • I have audition for a short film "Trader Jack" later in July. Have the sides. Time to memorize. #

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