Opening This Weekend

Once in a Lifetime finally opens this week (Thursday). This has been a little different from other productions. First it’s a student production. A wide range of experience from none to not very many. I suspect I am one of the few to have over 10 stage productions on their resume.

This will also be a very short run, only 4 shows. I try to avoid doing such short runs. A cast will work for weeks is not for two months or even longer and I want to have a good long run to make up for all the work I put into rehearsal. That’s just me. I enjoy the whole process, but a short run just does not seem worth it.

This is an exception of sorts. It is the Alliance Theatre! Although I cannot put just the Alliance Theatre on my resume, people will see Alliance Theatre Acting Program.

Last night was Tech. A lot of standing around, doing parts of scenes while lighting was done. While 10 of us were on stage at the very end of the show, for lighting, it got very quiet. Just then my bowels made a very loud, very long grumble. It was so embarrassing. Everybody heard it and looked in my direction. What was even funnier was that about 2 minutes later, the girl I was standing with also had a small grumbling in the tummy. Everybody fell out. Alpha Trivette made a comment: “Like the Whale Songs which can be heard 400 miles away…”

Anyway, I ramble.