What I Did: Week Ending 2009-06-14

  • RT @alphatrivette: A color-changing FROG is worshiped as a GOD in India…and these people have NUCLEAR WEAPONS!! #
  • RT @wcdarling: In US warbling teens, idle rich and pretend docs on TV worshipped as GODS – and these people have NUCLEAR WEAPONS. #
  • @ARTC No doubt in reply to ARTC #
  • following @theappleblog and @macworld via twitter and Gizmodo with pictures via http://live.gizmodo.com/. #wwdc #
  • Loving Gizmodo’s live feed from #wwdchttp://live.gizmodo.com/ #
  • iPhone has remote wipe personal data if your phone is lost. I so hope no virus is created with that in mind. #
  • I need an agent in Atlanta. #
  • @PINKSUGARATL Thanks for the RT! #
  • RT @michaelianblack: I saw a sign that said “wet paint,” so I peed on it. #
  • Saturday starts the beginning of tech week for Once in a Lifetime at the Alliance Theatre Acting Program. Opens Thursday in the Blackbox. #
  • RT @gwtgladiators: Pyle building 2009-2010 Gladiators … http://bit.ly/LXLYE === Ready for October to get here. #

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