A Note On Callbacks

Yesterday, I said I might age myself for a callback. Typically this is the wrong thing to do. Depending on where you are being called back to, say New York or Los Angeles, you should return to the callback exactly like you did for the initial audition. Well as much as possible. When directors, casting directors, agents, etc., see hundreds of people in a very short time, it is hard for them to remember what you looked like before. Yes you did give them a headshot, but how many of us always look like our headshot all the time. And a headshot is just that… your head.

If you return to the callback looking exactly like you did during the audition, the auditors have a better chance of remembering who you were and why they called you back. And in the end, that could be more important that you actually getting a role for what you auditioned for. Say a month or two latter the auditors are working on a new project, they just might remember you and give you a call.

I know the auditors for this audition/callback very well. I have worked with them before so I really don’t have to worry about them remembering me. I am not going to go overboard with aging and actually the only thing I will end up doing is making my hair a little more respectable.