Auditioned for The Mousetrap

I auditioned for The Mousetrap at Red Clay Theatre Tuesday. My appointment was for 7:25 but I arrived early and was able to do my audition early. I was immediately approached by a guy I have seen in various auditions around town. Could not remember his name at the moment, but I know now: Bob Smith. Nice guy.

At the sign in table was a “Guest Artist” from Barefoot in the Park, the DELIVERY MAN was such a small role, that Button Theatre decided to sale the role. I don’t remember her name. I am so bad with names.

Once in the theatre to audition, the auditors were Ginny Lockhart (Assistant Director of Barefoot in the Park) and Kelly Knowlton (Stage Manager for Barefoot in the Park). They had me do a dramatic monologue and then the same monologue with a British accent. I had been working on a British Northern accent (Yorkshire) so I did that. The stopped me about half way though and said that is all they needed to see. Very quick.

I did find out that because so many people wanted to audition for the play, Monday night was added a an additional night for auditions. That is great.

Today, I received an email inviting me back for Thursday’s callback for the role of MAJOR METCALF. There were two other recipients on that email: Bob Smith mentioned above and George Crolius who I have seen at auditions around town as well. There may be more than the three of us called back for that role.

Of the three, I think I look least like I have retired from the British Army. I can add makeup and age myself. I may do a little of that for the callback.