Auditioned for The 5th Great Ape on Sunday

So I leave the house with my wife. Her car is at my parents. Drop her off.

Almost out of gas. Fill Up.

Then I need to stop by work because that is where the directions to the audition are located. Get those.

Make it to the parking deck and I cannot find a parking spot. Well I do find some but not any I can get into. Very small parking deck at Emory University. I think it was for that quadrant of the campus and everybody was on campus on Sunday. What is even worse about this parking deck is that it has three entrances. So after driving around this deck, exiting from one entrance and entering again from another I finally find a spot. Still have to pull part way in, back up to straighten and finally I am parked.

Entered on the first level, parked on the second and had to go up the stairs to exit on the street I wanted. On the way up the stairs, I tripped and put some wrinkles in my headshots.

Entered the building where the auditions are being held on the second floor. I’m on the first. I don’t see any stairs so I walk around. Don’t see an elevator or stairs. I walk a complete circuit of the first floor and return to the door I enter. There is a small sign saying stairs in this little alcove with a door that I first assumed as a janitor’s closet. This alcove was small with pipes coming out of the wall and a small door beyond. I mean a small door. I wonder how many people have walked into this building looking for a way to the second floor and leaving in frustration.

So into this little alcove, past the pipes and open the door, and indeed there are stairs. Up the stairs and there are two doors to exit out of. No signs. Ok. Let’s go left. And there is a sign with an arrow pointing toward the auditions. OK, we are making progress. Around the corner is a table with someone sitting at it. No sign saying sign in, but it looks like the right place so I stand there for a second and look at the papers on the table. Finally the girls says, “Fill out this form and here is additional information. What is your name?”

Fill out paperwork, turn it in with headshots and then sit and wait. Amazingly, I only have to wait about a minute. Apparently the person before me has not shown up yet.

In the room are 3 people: Ariel de Man (director), Ken Weitzman (writer) and third guy whose name I cannot remember (sorry about that). All very nice people. So I do a dramatic monologue and then Ariel has me read the first Scientist side. They were all smiles when I finished so I know I didn’t do a bad job. It sounded as if things were going very well for the auditions; there were not going to be any callbacks. The schedule over the weekend sounded aggressive, so I am sure they gave offers for roles yesterday.

Thankfully, leaving was a lot easier than arriving.