What I Did: Week Ending 2009-04-12

  • @THEezrunner Thanks. Another 2/3 mile walk around the building today. Determined to loose 3 lbs this week. in reply to THEezrunner #
  • Tip from my allergist: wash your face during allergy season. Keep the pollen off. Maybe I should shave my pollen catcher (beard). #
  • @theflickcast don’t you mean iTune in. <snicker> in reply to theflickcast #
  • Cupcakes? Why yes I will have one. When have I ever refused. #
  • Have an audition slot for The Mousetrap on April 28th at 7:25PM-EST at Button Theatre. I need to work on a British accent. #
  • @ginayates Thanks. I have Northern British, but not Standard which is what I need to work on. in reply to ginayates #
  • RT @the_brian_jones: @SWayward All of Monty Python is free on Youtube. 🙂 They use a wide variety of accents. <– good point. #
  • @JonathanNail Thanks! in reply to JonathanNail #
  • going to be a busy next few days. Learning lines for Once in a Lifetime, rehearsals start in May. Accent for an audition. #
  • Need to find monologues for my Monday night class and Advanced Scene Study for the next 4 Wednesday nights #
  • Oh and a trip to St. Simon’s Island and two garage sales to prep for. And damn it, I did not win the lottery. #
  • Oh well. Lunch! #
  • Note to self: Another audition scheduled for 2:16PM-EST on Sunday April 26th at Theater Emory for The 5th Great Ape. #

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