Auditioned at the Atlanta Unfieds

So I left Norcross at 10AM to get to 14th Street in Atlanta. I know I would arrive there in plenty of time for my audition slot. I was a little worried that I may have forgotten what time my slot was. Last year I arrived in time for my 1:30 which was actually at 3:30. Even today I saw two people arrive just in time for their slots.

As I am driving down there I am trying to find the moment before in each monologue, tried to prepare as much as possible before going on, but that proved impossible. Or did it? I remember standing in the hall off stage left waiting for the person ahead of me to finish. My mind was shutting down. I was saying the first line to both monologues so that I would not forget.

OK. My turn. Walk out to just left of the big X on the floor and I announce my name and number “Jay Croft. Number 160.” Turn to the right to step on X to begin my first monologue. As soon as I moved after I said my name and number, I hear the time clock start. Yikes. I have not even said my first word and the clock has already started.

So I start. “A stroke of genius….” Or at least I hope I said it. I don’t remember now (about 2 hours later). I do remember that I was saying the lines, my body seemed to have gone on automatic. The lines were coming out. I was moving about the stage looking in various directions. “Degas vu.”

Then I turn as I always do in rehearsal to let Degas drain off and get into Marty. I remember turning but I do not remember changing characters. I hope I did. My mind had completely gone blank at this point. Automatic pilot had taken over. This is bad. I was no longer in control. I remember going though the emotions at the right points. Yes emotions and motions. “Ma, I’m gonna stay home and watch Sid Ceasar.”

So I finish, before the 2 minute alarm. As far as I could tell, a lot of people ahead of me were stopped by the alarm. I finished, said my name and number again and left. I have no honest idea of how I did. I don’t fully remember what happened. Hate that. As far as I know, it was a monotone monologue and boring as hell.