What I Did: Week Ending 2009-03-22

  • OK. Yes I am alive this week. Forgot to wear green today and have been pinched for it, damn it. Maybe carrying green tea all day will do. #
  • Starting again in the Advanced Scene Study with Pat Hurley at the Alliance tomorrow night. #
  • I enjoyed my Advanced Scene Study class last night. Really missed being in there. Mostly new people. 2 of the 8 have seen me in plays. weird #
  • That last tweet was my 666th update. #
  • @carenwest Thank you. in reply to carenwest #
  • I will have spent $500 in 10 hours of private sessions with Pat Hurley working on monologues for the Atlanta Unifieds. I will rock this year #
  • No, not because I spent the money, but because of the training. Smatter’chu. #
  • Speaking of the Atlanta Unifieds, I have not received confirmation they have received my headshots. They are due tomorrow. Better check that #
  • @joeventures Yea! Thanks. in reply to joeventures #
  • Twitter has its uses. @joeventures unexpectedly confirmed that my headshots were received. I noticed from his tweets he works for ACPA. #
  • Having leftover Ippolitos’ Angel Hair with Alfredo. It needs some garlic.. lots of garlic. Maybe some roasted garlic on some bread. #
  • #rets I sometimes use Twitter as a research capture tool. Tidbits of info that is then captured on my blog. #
  • Three-O Vodka ads are the most annoying ads. I always have to reduce the size of my browser just to cover them up. Will NOT buy the vodka. #
  • Really like Grey Goose Vodka at the moment. Very smooth. #
  • Speaking of which, I am out of Grey Goose. #

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