Auditioned for Misery

I auditioned last night for Misery at Rosewater Theatre. Last night was also the callback for those who auditioned last week. But this is a good case of “Do your research”. The audition notices stated that they were looking for 1 male. And not knowing anything more than seeing commercials when the movie came out, I assumed there was only 1 male in the play. Even doing a bare minimal Google search, I found the name of the lead role: PAUL. Still did not see anything about other male actors.

I think the lead male actor is already filled and I put on the downloaded audition form that I would only accept that role. When I arrived there were sides for the other males. I ended up sticking with my choice of only auditioning for the lead for only a single reason: Alliance Theater Summer Repituar.

I was, well still am, torn about accepting another role than the lead. I do want to be seen in as many theaters as possible. My thought was that if I get the lead, I will skip the first two Summer Reps and could still do planned vacation in May. If I don’t do Misery, then I could audition for the Summer Reps, but I would miss vacation in May. I still may not get a role in a Summer Rep, but Pat Hurley, monologue coach and instructor, would like to see me audition. He is directing 2 of the 4 Reps.

Back to the audition: My first read was two different sides with a female partner and they went well. Because I was the only non-callback male there, the director asked me to read with other ladies. So I did. The more I read, the more I get to display my acting ability. Of course I am not going to NOT read with anybody.

In the end though, because I was only looking to do PAUL, I don’t think I will receive a role. That’s OK. Next audition is for the Summer Reps.

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