What I Did: Week Ending 2009-03-01

  • So um, yeah. I need a vacation. Maybe to another planet. I wish my people would come rescue me from this Mostly Harmless place. #soum #
  • Will work for Tea. I am nearly out. #
  • Tues, on my blog, I commented about the Atlanta Unifieds. The official totals: Slots available: 236 with 24 Alternates. 342 people applied. #
  • RT @EddieIzzard: Take a leap. == A friend jumps off a cliff and you are smart enough not to, but because Eddie said it you are … hey wait. #
  • Off to meet the parents for lunch. Almost said “Parental Units”. It’s that some late 80’s terminology. #
  • My Tweak-UI’s Focus follow Mouse is acting up today. I did not realize how much I liked that feature until it misbehaves. #
  • Finished off my second tin of tea today. I need to make a trip to @Teavana and soon. #
  • Although they do allow anybody and their brother write reviews and therefore not to be entirely trusted, there are a few http://is.gd/l0lb #
  • As far as I know, the reviews could have been done by cast. More reason not to believe everything you read. If I comment, I use my real name #
  • OK. So I was a little hard on Theater Review yesterday. People sometimes review the shows out of spite. Lots are “new” people. #
  • RT @atlantasymphony: Welcome to Twitter @alliancetheatre ! <– hazaahh #
  • Supposed to shoot Bright Flames tomorrow AM and the costume people have lost the measurements and therefore no costumes. Project from Hell!! #
  • We are supposed to shoot tomorrow anyway, just to get something in the can. #
  • RT @DocGyver: well your looking at, um reading about ATL’s latest MySQL Certified DBA CMDBA <– Congratulations !! #
  • well off to find dinner then off to the play. Supposed to have a good audience tonight. #

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