What I Did: Week Ending 2009-02-22

  • Tired today. Tech rehearsal for “One Flew Over The Cookoo’s Nest” went to 12:15AM-EST. #
  • A friend of mine, Takara Upshaw, got a call back for “A Sunday Afternoon at Loemann’s”. Congrats. So I suppose I can say I am not cast. sigh #
  • Hoping to hear if I got a slot at the Atlanta Unifieds this year. Rumor has it that nearly 500 people applied for 250 slots. I need an agent #
  • Bill Bryson is the best writer. But what I really love is Bill Bryson reading his audiobooks. The Best. #
  • It #
  • What is it? #
  • Well its official. I got a thanks for auditioning, but no thanks email. Takara Upshaw did not get cast ether although she did get a callback #
  • You know, I want to buy applications for my future iPhone without having to go though the app store. #
  • I really miss my Handsping Visor with phone attachment. Best phone I ever had. Sad that that was the late 90’s. #
  • As soon as I walk in the door at work this morning, I get pulled into an argument about how long it takes to drive from Atlanta to Orlando. #
  • “You got to take the 475 around Macon.” “It takes me 6 hours. How in the world does it take you 8 hours.” <sigh> #
  • On to other topics: I was giving a slot at this years Atlanta Unifieds. Number 160. The bad thing is I have my 2 minutes just before lunch. #
  • @the_brian_jones And I was thinking maybe a Blackberry Storm over an iPhone. Calender and Contacts are a must. in reply to the_brian_jones #
  • @the_brian_jones Have you tried Missing Sync? in reply to the_brian_jones #
  • @the_brian_jones Show went OK. Not quite a dozen people. in reply to the_brian_jones #

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