What I Did On 2009-02-13

  • Today is Friday the 13th. Run away, run away! #
  • RT @glenizett: @SWayward WHERE SHOULD I RUN TO? <– Good question. Maybe the closest timezone to Saturday the 14th. #
  • Desarano and Creme de Cacao 1 to 1 is my new favorite drink. Probably best with Godiva. Will have to try that next. #
  • Watching the Ninth Gate with Johnny Depp. the best actor ever, period! If I could be a fraction of his ability, I would make millions. #
  • Miss collage days and being drunk. I need a vacation for a month or four to Europe. #
  • being ever mindful of public opinion and what you say sucks. I love being, well, drunk. very tipsy anyway. need a chauffeur. #

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