Auditioned for A Sunday Afternoon at Loemann’s

Arrived yesterday for my audition with my headshots, but without a resume. I don’t have a printer set up at home at the moment. I had intended to print a resume at work and completely forgot. Things were off to a bad start.

On the bright side, Takara Upshaw was there. Takara and I were in Heidi together way back in 20o7. It was nice to see her again.

So as I am trying to remember what I have done and put a quick resume together on the back of the audition form, I was called in. They had an electronic copy of my resume I had sent them before, but not printed out. Nice of them not to worry about it, but they could not as any questions about any items on the resume with out it. They may have found something impressive on it just by holding it.

As far as who “they” were: Austin Snipes and well I did not catch the name of the casting person. Shame on me.

The first question: “What are you doing?’ My mind went blank, I could not remember what monologues I was doing. Even forgot I had them in my blazer pocket.

“OK. Not a problem. Please proceed.” So I start into my first monologue: Degas, C’sest Moi. Amazingly I did not flub over this one as nervous as I was. At the finish of this one, I paused, stepped aside for just a moment to get into character for the second monologue: Marty. This one I flubbed, badly.

My mind just went blank and I couldn’t call for line. After that fiasco, we discussed my headshots for a while. They liked them very much. Pleased about that.

As I was leaving, I ran into Lory Cox. We were in Barefoot in the Park last year. She was great. Maybe we will be working together again.