What I Did On 2009-01-26

  • Long weekend. Started a waiter job Friday night for the first time ever. And on Saturday night I had my own tables. Saturday seemed forever. #
  • Britney Spears “if you seek amy” is supposed to sound like “F_ck Me”? OH. I suppose it does a little. I am glad I like trance and euro. #
  • Britney’s song was pulled from American radio. Europe say “Whatever”. #
  • OMG. People are being laid off this morning. #
  • Looks like gofers around here. Heads keep popping up to see what is going on. As contractor, I am a wee bit nervous. #
  • Still I am trying to enjoy Earl Grey Cream black tea. #
  • Well, by boss asked if I was going to be available Friday AM for production release coverage, so I guess I am still employed for the moment. #
  • Finger printed by City of Sandy Springs for an Alcohol Pouring Licenses. Now Sandy Springs and the Feds have my finger prints. #
  • @DocGyver Congrats! in reply to DocGyver #
  • Today, January 26th, 2009 – I have exceeded 500 Tweets and 100 Followers. I expect the Followers to Triple by tomorrow. <snicker> yeah right #
  • Day Job: Monday-Friday; Rehearsal: Monday-Thrusday; Waiter: Friday-Saturday evenings. TV Shoot: Sunday 7AM-Until. Gonna miss 2 hockey games. #
  • Me. Me. Me. #

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