What I Did On 2009-01-23

  • @the_brian_jones said he was upset about my over-steeped bitter green tea I tweeted about yesterday. Said it was a Bitter Twitter. #
  • @ginayates My cats (5) would never make me a prisoner… well maybe Cali. Yes, Cali would. in reply to ginayates #
  • Dream about Disney World sometimes. I love that place. So ready to go back. I am just a big kid. #
  • In a few, I will be off to my first night at a part time job that I have no experience in. Not exactly true, I have been a customer. #
  • I.e. I now how I want to be treated, know I don’t like to run out of tea or water. #
  • Besides, having managed a bookstore in the past, I understand customer service and money handling. #

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