What I Did On 2009-01-15

  • @crazeegeekchick Let us know who they are so we can preemptively block them is necessary. in reply to crazeegeekchick #
  • DO’H! Left my phone at home this morning. #
  • @crazeegeekchick Thanks. Blocked the bastard. in reply to crazeegeekchick #
  • Thrilled when a BIG Name follows little ol’ me. The latest is @tylerperry. Writer, producer, actor of the Madea plays and movies. Awsome. #
  • I was called to audition for Madea Goes To Jail for one of the arresting officers and did an absolute awful awful audition. #
  • The other @JayCroft here in Atlanta left his phone at home today too. Quantum Physics has something to do with 2 Jay Croft’s leaving phones. #
  • I am suppose to do lunch with @DocGyver today, but I don’t have my phone. We mentioned a spot for lunch yesterday. Think I will go that way. #
  • Well, @DocGyver was a no show, but two other people I used to work with just happened to show up. That was cool. #
  • Wow. @BrentSpiner is gaining followers by the 100’s. Refresh on his page shows followers jumping every 30 seconds or so by the 100’s. #
  • from 3:12 PM EST to now, jumped form 3 followers to 698 – @BrentSpiner #
  • @BrentSpiner – 1000+ followers in less than 25 minutes on Zero tweets. #
  • This is just kinda cool: http://search.twitter.com/ #

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