What I Did On 2009-01-14

  • Well, I was stressed, injected with a die of sorts, heart xrayed (twice) and echoed. Results tomorrow unless something was “Red”, then today #
  • @StoutT went with me. She had to sit in the waiting room for, lets see 6:15 to 8:15, umm, two hours. Iz haz edumication. in reply to StoutT #
  • No rehearsal tonight with @the_brian_jones, so I can go to the Gwinnett Gladiators hockey game tonight. #
  • Got off the phone with Pat Hurley at the Alliance Theatre. Will start private sessions with monologues, to prepare for the Atlanta Unifieds. #
  • Love this new blend of @teavana’s Mandarin Orange Green Tea. #
  • @DocGyver ayep. May have small bruises where they pushed the echo device against me, but otherwise A-OK. in reply to DocGyver #
  • RT @jasonburns: Adjust your frakkin’ DVR: Friday’s Battlestar will run long! http://tinyurl.com/9z4bhd — GAH. My TiVo is down. #
  • I think one of the HDs in my TiVo series 2 went kaput and I have not had time to replace it. Maybe I can get Mythbuntu configured by Friday. #
  • @wcdarling What about an etch a sketch. The best high tech device. in reply to wcdarling #
  • @wcdarling LOL, thats great!! in reply to wcdarling #

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