What I Did On 2009-01-12

  • Damn, it’s early. New application released over the weekend and I am here early to act as support for any issues. Need some tea and oatmeal. #
  • Accepting the role of SCANLON “One Flew Over The Cookoo’s Nest”. Dennis Wolk had to drop the part, he is leading medical team West Africa. #
  • @the_brian_jones is also in the play. It will be the first time working with him. Thought I might accept a “sure thing” than audition again. in reply to the_brian_jones #
  • RT @ginayates: FOR THE LOVE OF GOD WILL SOMEBODY PLEASE PUT ME IN THE MOVIES?!?! That’s all for today. Love you all. <-> DITTO for me!! #
  • @tjbuffoonery @garyvee: in reply to tjbuffoonery #
  • DOH #
  • @tjbuffoonery @garyvee: There is nothing worse than being drunk, just ask a glass of water. paraphrased from Douglas Adams in reply to tjbuffoonery #
  • The Wife, everybody –> @StoutT <– A feminist cheesaterian and accountant. Isn’t that precious? <Don’t worry. She will slap me later.) #
  • leaving for the day. Off to check on some cats while their “slaves” are away. Then off to dinner and rehearsal. #

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