What I Did On 2009-01-08

  • Do you think GPS Nav devises get confused in Round-abouts. “Recalculating…. recal… re… OH why did you even turn me on!” #
  • Don’t think last nights audition went so well. Read well for the part of the Linus Sr. but not for the roles I wanted. #
  • Was released with being told when cast would be notified. So I don’t think I will be offered a role. Want BOOLIE in Daisy more, but still. #
  • umm.. without being told #
  • @wcdarling I like di.fm trance channel for the same reasons. in reply to wcdarling #
  • @ramsey according to @GeoFonBig: Time: 08.01.2009 19:21:37; Mag: 6.3; Lat: 10.30 N; Lon: 84.41 W;(Costa Rica); in reply to ramsey #

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