Auditioned for Driving Miss Daisy

I was able to audition for Driving Miss Daisy last night at Act1 Theater. There were a total of 3 people who auditioned for DAISY, 2 who auditioned for HOKE and only me for BOOLIE. That’s pretty good for me.

The director Rebecca Coffee, who also directed A Christmas Story, admitted that she has already additions “some” people already who could not make it to the two scheduled audition times. And she may already have someone she wants for BOOLIE.

And there is still Thursday’s audition.

Still, if there is no one else, I got a pretty good shot at having the role. There is never a guarantee until you receive the call. Rebecca could actually not want me at all.

After the audition, I had a discussion with one of the actresses about character development. Her thought is to “steal from the best” and by that she meant, look at what has already been done and use it. I have only seen bits-and-pieces of the movie but after watching this actress for a few moments, I realized she was, I believe, doing exactly what Jessica Tandy did in the movie. Her thought was that it is still her doing the acting and herself will be part of the role to make it unique.

I try to avoid watching some movies for this very reason. I want to be Jay Croft as BOOLIE, not Jay Croft as Dan Aykroyd as BOOLIE. I want to find my own character, feel the character for who he is. That does not mean that I won’t add little things from what other actors have done, little mannerisms etc, as it feels right.

I am not saying ether way is right or wrong, just that it is not what I want to do. Besides NO ONE can do themselves as Jimmy Stewart as GEORGE BAILEY in It’s a Wonderful Life and be taken seriously.