What I Did On 2009-01-06

  • OK. My misunderstanding. It was a consultation for a heart stress test. I may not have issues because I was on steroids at the time. #
  • Still doing a stress and echo next Wednesday. Cardiologist told me to reduce medication if not off all together. I will reduce and monitor. #
  • Looking at the kittens and cats available for adoption at Furkids.org. I wish I could help them all. #
  • @ActorNation Sorry to hear of any cats being abandoned. I am a cat person through-and-through. Have 5, I do. in reply to ActorNation #
  • Still have not heard if I need to do a voice over tonight or if I am free to go to an audition. Audition tonight means @gwtgladiators thurs. #
  • RT @gwtgladiators: Glads zap the Stingrays 2-1!! Next home game Thursday night vs. South Carolina at 7:05!! #
  • Pat Hurley @ the Alliance Theatre called over the weekend to see if I was ready to return to the Advanced Scene Study class. Need to decide #
  • I do want to return, but I need to see how auditions go this week. Will do private lessons in any case to prepare for the Atlanta Unifieds. #
  • If I get a role in Driving Miss Daisy as Daisy, I mean Hoke, umm Boolie, there is no rehearsals on Wednesday (class night) except tech week. #
  • RT @crazeegeekchick: RT @guykawasaki: Cat Hair Handbags http://ow.ly/2kN ok, that’s creepy – even for me. Hug, pet him, and call him George #
  • @SMLois Many Thanks! I am excited about it. I hope I get it too. in reply to SMLois #

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